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Ready to get offline and get in-person? With hands-on instruction that will catapult your skills, Cliff Mautner's bootcamps are world-renown for elevating the way photographers look at their work and build their businesses.


In-Person Lighting and Skill Set Bootcamps

Making Camera Settings Instinctive

Wedding and portrait photographers need to be prepared for nearly any lighting conditions. Lighting scenarios are always changing, and obtaining accurate exposures instinctively is essential. If you’re thinking about the technical elements, the creative process will never take over. Cliff Mautner will empower you with the skills needed to develop your own style.

Controlling Your On and Off-Camera Flash

Photography is all about mastering light, and when the ideal light is not available you’ll need to create your own. He has a proven track record in educating some of the very best in the industry right now. If you want to wow your clients and book them easily, some see first-hand how to light up any subject or location and get hands-on instruction that will stay with you as you build a profitable career in wedding photography.

Critiquing and Processing Your Work

Knowing which of your photos will elevate your brand and sell to your clients is critical to your success, along with perfecting your processing and workflow. Cliff holds nothing back when it comes to teaching you how build an award-winning portfolio and create processes that run smoothly from start to finish.

Capturing Moments that Matter

Cliff spent 17 years as a photojournalist before his foray into the commercial world. He’s an internationally award-winning artist that focuses on the story-telling aspects of wedding photography to give you real insight and instruction on how to anticipate and capture the decisive moment.



Meet Cliff

Cliff Mautner - Photography Education

Cliff Mautner

With 39 years of experience in nearly every genre of the photo world, Nikon Ambassador Cliff Mautner has educated photographers on 5 continents with his no-nonsense, irreverent approach to creating your own style, and building a sustainable business. His focus is on light, and he’s shared and engrained his cinematic lighting style with over 1000 students from 42 countries who’ve made the trek to his incredible Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp at his studio, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. His ability to communicate and cut through the noise with comprehensive, real-world skills have separated him from other teachers. Those who’ve attended are literally a who’s who of some of the top photographers in the world today. Keep an eye out for his next in-person workshop!

Raves from Students

“Without question, the single most valuable photo education I’ve every encountered. Every question answered, and I never felt stupid. Cliff’s demeanor enhanced the experience of all who attended. ”

Robert Beckwith

“Bottom line, if you are on the fence about attending Cliff’s workshop, stop debating and go. There’s a reason his workshops sell out so quickly, and it’s because it’s simply the best investment you can make for yourself and your business. There’s no way that if you go, you’ll walk away without feeling that you’ve grown from your time there. I know that personally, I’ve already created stronger images after attending his workshop, and I can’t wait to really jump into this wedding season armed with what Cliff taught me. Not only have I gained a stronger skill set and become more comfortable with my gear, but I’ve also gained a wonderful group of friends, as well as the confidence to create more dynamic images for my brides and grooms. And that, my friends, is worth every penny and more that I could have possibly spent on attending the workshop. Make the leap, invest in yourself, and attend Cliff’s Lighting & Skill Set Bootcamp. You won’t regret it. ”

Megan Allen

“I just returned from Cliff Mautner’s Lighting & Skillset Bootcamp in New Jersey and let me tell you……… was phenomenal! Cliff is like Yoda (but much younger) to aspiring photographers who want to take their skills to the next level. Seriously…………..the man knows his stuff and knows how to teach. I researched a bunch of workshops and went into this with the highest of expectations. This was not your ordinary workshop. We did not meet for 7/8 hours and go home. We did not watch 14 slideshows of what Cliff has done. We hit the ground running with useful information and it did not stop until I shook hands and walked out the door on the last day. We went 12 plus hours a day. We visited 2 venues to practice our newly learned skills and Cliff stood at the front of the bus the entire ride there and back answering questions and teaching. We learned while we ate breakfast……..we learned while we ate lunch. It was 3 days of non-stop education. I left this workshop with the skills to photograph in any lighting condition and I am excited to show this to my future clients.Eduction is where it’s at. I will never be satisfied with where my photography skills are at. I will get better every month……..every year. I am very excited with the direction that Thomas Beaman Photography is taking and I want to thank Cliff Mautner for helping me along the way. If you are a photographer who wants to improve your lighting skills and your business skills, I can’t recommend this workshop enough……… has already changed the way I see light. ”

Thomas Beaman

“Cliff’s work embodied something different that I had not seen before. I didn’t see pretty pictures, but I saw emotion, stories, and beautiful images with gorgeous light. Although I was brand new in the industry, I knew that an image could not be made without light, and what I desired most was the ability to find light in any given situation. This was an experience that I will never forget, and it continues to shape my journey as a photographer. Thank you again Cliff for your realness, honesty, and warmth! Grateful.If you’re looking for a workshop to learn and grow, I highly recommend Cliff’s Bootcamp. As long as you continue to work hard, you won’t be disappointed. ”

Shawon Davis

“Cliff is such a genuine and down to earth guy, which made the entire experience even more exceptional! From technical skills, to finding the light, to simplicity, an all around fantastic bootcamp.”

Angie Kastenholz

“Cliff is an open dictionary of photography information.”

Qing Zhao

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