13 Fun Photo Booth Ideas

13 Fun Photo Booth Ideas

Want some fun photo booth ideas to bring joy to your wedding? Renting a photo booth is great way to play together because people of all ages love to dress up and act silly. And with some simple props and a theme, adding this interactive experience will help elevate the energy of your guests while providing memorable photos and favors that will keep all of you smiling for years to come.

Get inspired by these 13 fun photo booth ideas!

1. Set up a "glam booth" with mirrors, feather boas, sparkly sunglasses, and other glamorous props and bring out your guests' inner celebrities.

2. Design a "candy booth" with a colorful background and props like lollipops, candy necklaces, and candy-shaped hats. No doubt kids will love you for this.

3. Rent a VW bus or Airstream and set up your photo booth inside it. What a whimsical way to bring joy to your outdoor celebration! 

fun photo booth idea in VW bus, Andy Madea Photography
Photographed by Andy Madea Photo - Vermont wedding photographers

4. Set up a "spooky booth" with Halloween-themed props and a creepy background for your fall wedding, or a holiday booth for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another holiday that’s important to you.

5. Set up a "funky booth" with a blacklight and neon-colored props. This idea works wonderfully if your dance mix is full of hip-hop music and R&B.

6. Create a "beach booth" with a beach backdrop and props like inflatable palm trees and beach balls. While obviously for beach front weddings, this theme can also work well in the winter when guests want to pretend the weather is warmer than it is.

7. Have a "snow booth" with a winter-themed background and props like hats and scarves. Put a pair of skis or some snowboards in the background with twinkle lights and a big backdrop photo of snowy mountains or ski lifts.

8. Make a "flower booth" with a floral background and props like oversized flowers and flower crowns. Add colorful watering cans, hand shovels, garden hats, gloves, tools and boots to make this theme perfect for your garden wedding.

Fun photo booth idea with florals, Satya Curcio Photography
Photographed by Satya Photography - Orcas Island, Washington wedding photographers

9. Set up a "movie booth" with a red carpet and props like movie posters and cardboard cutouts of celebrities. Perfect for bringing a bit of levity to black tie weddings and capturing your guests in their finest fashions.

10. Create a "sci-fi booth" with a futuristic background and props like space helmets and alien antennae. If you’re a Star Wars fan or you thrive on movies like Dune or Galaxy Quest, you’ll have a ton of fun with this otherworldly option.

11. Choose a musical theme and add blow up instruments. Let your guests show off their talents for playing saxophone or air guitar.

Fun photo booth ideas with inflatable-musical-instruments-and-lighted-smile-sign-photo-by-emma-rich
Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK wedding photographers

12. Go vintage with a wedding photo booth complete with props and backdrops from a specific era, such as the 1920s or 1950s. Feather boas, cat-eye sunglasses, period hats and costume jewelry that matches your theme will go a long way in making this idea work beautifully.

13. Have a "balloon booth" with a colorful balloon arch and props like oversized balloon animals. Let kids take the animals home at the end of your reception and watch their faces light up. This theme can be ideal for weddings with other fun amusements like ball pits and bouncy houses. 

fun photo booth ideas with sparkly glass Nilufer Nalbantoglu Photography
Photographed by Nilüfer Nalbantoǧlu  - Turkey wedding photographers

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