What is your mission?

To make the world fall in love with the art of wedding photography.

Why did you launch WBWP?

We believe in art, hard work, and love, and our goal is to build the most beautiful gallery of wedding photography on the planet. Thanks to our prestigious members we are well on our way and always evolving.


What are your criteria for membership? 

To become a member of WBWP, photographers must have a distinctive photographic voice, seamless customer service, and photos that stand out from the crowd, plus:

  • At least 3 years shooting as a full-time professional
  • 50 or more weddings as the lead photographer
  • A distinctive portfolio of artwork that stands out from the crowd
  • 10 or more 5-star client reviews


Do you limit the number of photographers you represent?

Yes, we choose only the most accomplished artists in each region. No more than ten in most major cities and 15 in cities with populations over 1 million. 


What criteria do you use to select the artwork in your galleries?

All of it. Exposure, aperture, composition, concept, connection, and more. Our editors are highly experienced photo curators and the judges for our contest are icons in the industry.


Can I submit photos to your contest even if I am not a member?

Yes! To help raise the bar in wedding photography we encourage professional photographers from all over the world to join in.


Do you have a contest coming up? 

Yes, we hold five contests per year that focus on unique collections of wedding photography. Please go to the Contest page in our main navigation menu to see our schedule and get excited!


How do you protect my privacy?

Very carefully, we do not spam your inbox or sell your info, and we always take your copyright seriously. Our cookies are for our consumption only; we will not share them. 


If you have other questions, Please contact us, and we’ll get right back to you!