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Wedding photography is an important art form and a wonderful way to celebrate love and beauty in the world around us. At World’s Best Wedding Photos we take our name seriously and show only the best photographs from the greatest artists in the world today. Every photograph that is featured on our site is carefully selected by our editors and every contest features iconic judges.

We’re thrilled to recommended artists with their own distinctive styles. Whether their work is light and airy, dark and moody, fashionable, photojournalistic, modern, or classic, we love artists who know the rules of their craft and the best ways to break them. That’s why we never tell our photographers how they should see things and why we don’t focus on one photography style over another. We let you choose the style you vibe with and who you want behind the camera on your wedding day.

With extraordinary photos of stylish couples, stunning locations, and brilliant concepts from the best photographers anywhere, you’re bound to be surprised and inspired throughout your wedding planning and after. So follow us and visit often. We’ll be showing you something new and engaging each and every day.


Who We Are


Blair deLaubenfels - photo by Sue Bryce

Blair deLaubenfels

Owner - Instigator - Editor in Chief
Former Founder & Owner of Junebug Weddings - 2006 to 2014.

With 22 years in the wedding world as a photographer, author, consultant, speaker, executive, and publisher, I seriously can’t get enough photography. And thanks to my friends, who are also the photographers I admire, I’ve built my career around doing what I love. Along with a creative, capable team and some iconic judges who join us for our contests, I am dedicated to promoting extraordinary photography and the artists who create it.

Photo by Sue Bryce

Jenn Tai

Jenn Tai

Managing Editor | Social Media Guru

I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer in Seattle, WA since 2007 at Jenn Tai & Co. With a background in journalism and tech, I am a self-professed nerd for all things technical and photography, which drives me to excellence and keeps me working overtime. Whether it’s editing, curating, organizing, or strategizing the next big thing, I hold down the fort at WBWP and keep things moving smoothly.

Photo by Jenny Jimenez

Sherry Pickerell

Sherry Pickerell

Community Manager | Network Builder

After 15 years experience as a wedding photographer and the coordinator for numerous wedding photography conferences, I am thrilled to bring my keen attention to detail to and love for my fellow photographers to WBWP. My mission is to help our members thrive in the competitive market and to showcase their work with the utmost personalized care and respect.

Photo by Verna Pitts

Kelley Healey

Kelley Healey

Director of Business Development and Finance

With a degree in fine art, I love the beauty of photography and the joy of books that balance. When I am not focused on wonderful things like taxes and reports, I’m moving WBWP forward with a plan and a vision that will change the way the world looks at photography.

Photo by Jenn Tai

Kim Bamberg - photo by Adam Bamberg

Kim Bamberg

Founding Member

I met Blair deLaubenfels at the Photographic Center NW on our first day of fine-art school in the year 2000. Ever since we’ve been working together, and separately, to promote the art form of photography. We started a mastermind group of women photographers called Mona in 2001, and founded Junebug Weddings in 2006, (which we sold to investors in 2014). Now, as a mom, wedding photographer, and World’s Best Wedding Photos stockholder, I sit on the board of advisors for WBWP and offer my business and artistic expertise to our team on a variety of projects.

Photo by Adam Bamberg

A Note About Our Contests

In order to raise the bar in wedding photography, we open our contests to photographers from all over the world and recognize talented artists everywhere. Check out our latest contest page and spread the word!



Special Thanks

The extraordinary photography you see on our site is brought to you by our prestigious member photographers and the winners of our highly-curated contests. They make it possible for us to celebrate the art we love while helping couples everywhere find the best photographers for their weddings.