Wedding Photography Education

Learning the ins and outs of professional photography on your own can mean years of struggle to get where you want to go. Here at World's Best we've curated a list of the most sought-after educators in the field of wedding photography education so you can get there, fast. Whether you're looking to launch your wedding photography business, expand it, or take it new heights and fresh territory, we have the experts to help you succeed. Every professional listed here has a least five years of experience as a wedding photography educator, rave reviews, and a proven program that produces results.

Meet Your Educators

Blair deLaubenfels - Photography Consultant, Copywriter, Curator - Portrait by Jenn Tai Photography

Blair deLaubenfels

Curation, Copywriting, and Marketing that Sells Itself

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Two of the hardest things for artists to do, are to curate their own work and write about what makes it special. With 22 years of experience creating content and curating portfolios for awards, websites, and publications, Blair has worked with a hundreds of leading photographers and helped them reach their goals. She offer hands-on help that improves traffic and sales along with mentoring that goes way beyond coaching to get your work noticed, your weddings booked, and your projects completed.

Jessica Hill - Photography Education

Jessica Hill

Easy Breezy Posing and In-Person Sales

With over 18 years as a professional wedding and portrait photographer, Jessica Hill has built three popular and profitable brands, and taught 100’s of photographers posing techniques and how to sell their products. If you see more potential in your business and you want to make an incredible living doing what you love, there is no one like Jessica to help you realize your vision. Contact her for a free 30-minute consultation and catapult your career.

Jesse & Moira La Plante - Photography Education - Lighting and Photo Processing

Jesse & Moira La Plante

Lighting, Post Production, and Problem Solving for Documentary Photographers

Feeling stuck? Looking for ways to think outside the box and start cultivating your own unique voice? Jesse and Moira La Plante help you separate yourself from the multitude of other wedding photographers in the business. Let them show you how to go from grinding out a paycheck to making a great living doing what you love as an artist.

Jos & Tree - Photography Education

Jos & Tree

Lighting Techniques - Client Connection - Destination Weddings

Jos and Tree are international destination wedding and event photographers with over 15 years of experience educating other artists in their field. Known for their brilliant lighting solutions, out of the box compositions, and ability to capture cultures and landscapes, they have a friendly, open approach style that allows them to inspire photographers on all levels.

Chrisman Studios - Photography Education

Chrisman Studios

The Art of Photojournalism and Creative Portraiture

Instrumental in bringing photojournalism to the art of wedding photography, Ben and Erin Chrismans are world renown for teaching artists how to capture compelling stories and create artistic portraits under pressure. From pushing past boundaries with lighting and composition to making skillful decisions in the moment, they help you find new ways to express yourself and differentiate your business.

Callaway Gable - Photography Education - Lighting - Luxury Weddings - Publication

Brian Callaway

High-Profile Weddings, Mastering Lighting, Shooting for Publication

Brian Callaway (along with his wife Allison) shoots high-profile weddings for clients with crazy budgets. Consistently ranked among the top ten wedding photographers in the world his work has appeared in People, US Weekly, Vogue, Glamour, and more. An upbeat, hilarous guy who is delightful to work with, he’s ready to teach you mad lighting skills and how to shoot portraits and details that will get you published and make top planners want to work with you.

Jacklyn Greenberg - Photography Education - Color, Composition, and Photojournalism

Jacklyn Greenberg

Pricing, Sales and Photo Curation

With a deep desire to share her passion for photography and help other artists thrive, Jacklyn Greenberg has over 10 years of educating photographers. With over 40 engagements for the industry’s top education sites, workshops, and conferences Jacklyn shares her skills and experience in easy to understand formats and emotionally connects with her students to give them confidence and direction.

Citlalli Rico - Photography Education - Color, Composition, and Photojournaism

Citlalli Rico

Photojournalism - Color - Composition - Personal Coaching

Passionate about nature, photography, and education, Citlalli Rico shares her experience shooting over 700 weddings for clients that rave about her work, A keynote speaker for conferences and workshops worldwide she is on the mentorship team for Foundation Workshops in the USA, Mexico & Europe. Let her help you master your use of color, see the big picture, and create award-winning, documentary photographs that will elevate your brand.

Ben Connolly - Photography Education - Technique and Sales

Ben Connolly

Technique - Sales

Ben Connolly is a Queensland based, Internationally Awarded Wedding Photographer, Speaker, Educator and Photography Judge. With a photography career spanning over 20 years and almost one thousand weddings, Ben has a unique vision and ability to use creative lighting techniques to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

After a near fatal skydiving accident in 2002, Ben’s perspective on life and business changed as he learned to see beyond the moments in front of him, to look for what else is possible and what could be created from that moment. It's also with this unique perspective, that Ben shares his knowledge and insights to inspire and empower others, to bring their unique visions of photography and business to life.