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When the background is so bright it renders the subjects in front of it black, photographers light up the scene or embrace the darkness. We looking for 30 of the most creative, interesting, and just plain extraordinary silhouettes taken by photographers at anytime in the last 5 years, from Jan 1, 2017 up until March 1st, 2022. 30 photos will be chosen by our judges and the top 5 will be selected by Jacquie Tobin, the Editor in Chief of Rangefinder to be shown in their Photos of the Week Series in March of 2022.



1. You have to be a member of World's Best Wedding Photos. If you're interested in applying, you can find details here. Please note this is an application process that's subject to acceptance based on membership criteria. 

2. You may submit up to 15 silhouettes and photos may be taken up to five years ago.

3. Please make sure your submissions are 2400px on the long side in JPG format, optimized for the best web experience using JPEGMini or TinyPNG



1. Via World's Best: Just log in and choose Submit Photos. Here's a quick tutorial on how to submit your images to our collections as a member. This tutorial also shows you how to submit photos ALREADY in your gallery. 

2. Via Dropbox/WeTransfer/or your preferred online gallery service. Email the link to jenn [at]

3. Please include your name and the location where your photos were taken within the filename of each photo.



Tuesday, March 1st, 11:59pm EDT, 2022



FREE! Open to All Members of World's Best Wedding Photos 



Contest Guidelines

Each photographer may enter up to 15 photos by submitting them directly through their account. Please login and go to the drop down menu under your email address in the top right corner of the WBWP. Scroll down the tool bar and choose Submit Photos. Please submit no more than 15 silhouettes between 12:00 AM EST on Monday, February 7th and 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. It is free to enter your work for this collection. For more information, please read our Official Contest Rules



Our Judges

Jacqueline Tobin - Editor in Chief of Rangefinder Magazine Online

Jacqueline Tobin

Editor-in-Chief, Rangefinder

Native New Yorker, Cornell graduate and Rangefinder Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Tobin has worked in the photography industry for the past 35 years. From her days as Managing Editor of PDN, where she built relationships with industry icons such as Gordon Parks, Mary Ellen Mark, Harry Benson, Elliott Erwitt, Joyce Tenneson and Arnold Newman (to name but a few) to her current role at Rangefinder, Jacqueline has continuously educated the photography community and elevated the work of top photographers for over three decades. She is also the driving force behind Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars, a prestigious invite-only photo competition that is the one of the most coveted honors emerging wedding photographers can achieve.

In addition to her prestigious career at PDN and Rangeinder, Jacqueline has authored two wedding photography books—Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers, and The Luminous Portrait with Elizabeth Messina. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome Jacqueline as a judge for our 30 Best Wedding Silhouettes Collection.


Blair deLaubenfels - Owner of World's Best Wedding Photos

Blair deLaubenfels

Founder & Editor in Chief, World's Best Wedding Photos

For two decades Blair deLaubenfels has focused on celebrating outstanding photography and promoting top photographers. Starting with an education in fine-art photography, she went on to create a successful wedding and portrait business in the year 2000, and to co-found Junebug Weddings in 2006. During her 8 years as the President of Junebug she promoted hundreds of influential artists, most of whom are now members of World's Best Wedding Photos. 

Blair is also a photography consultant through Art, Life, and Business where she catapults careers through PR, curation, copywriting, and SEO.

A co-author of two books on wedding planning, Blair has written hundreds of articles for photo blogs and magazines, spoken all over the world at top photography conferences, and curated hundreds of thousands of images for awards and publications. Now, as our the owner of WBWP, she brings her expertise to every contest we promote.



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Intro Photos © Two Mann Studios, Amber Henry Photography, Eye Jogia, Jos and Tree, Sylvain Bouzat, Fuller Photography, David Buck Weddings, Shane P. Watts, and Jos and Tree.

Photo of Blair deLaubenfels and Jacqueline Tobin © Sue Bryce