17 Flowers for Fall Wedding Bouquets

17 Flowers for Fall Wedding Bouquets

Seasonal flowers are ideal for fall weddings in the Northern Hemisphere, and when you select them fresh from the floral market they look natural while complementing the autumn’s color palette.

Here are some of our favorite fall flowers along with a list of all types of flowers you can choose from. 

Roses and Dahlias stay on their stalks into very late summer and come in shades of white and a wide range of fall colors. Add eucalyptus, ferns, or other greenery to signal the change of the season.

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To bring color into your bouquet, consider adding Red Zinnia and Yellow Coreopsis.

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Use small Marguerite Daisies and Pom-Pom Mums to create a matching headpiece

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We love the look of twisted branches that bring an artistic, modern dimension to fall wedding bouquets. 

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To create a feeling of the shift to darker days, have your floral designer create your bouquet from dried Protea, Rose hips, and Rosemary. It will smell amazing and look gorgeous.

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Add fall leaves along with antique yellow Roses for a romantic look. 

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Or, embrace one of the latest floral trends and use Pampas Grass and delicate dried leaves to make a fashionable impression. 

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Visiting us from South of the Equator? Check out our post on spring bouquets, and just flip the seasons. 

Check out our list of the 17 of the most popular fall flowers for wedding bouquets and see your choice of colors.

Roses from a fall color palette



Marguerite Daisies

Pom-pom Mums

Red Zinnias

Yellow Coreopsis

Cymbidium Orchids


Calla Lillies



Pampas Grass



Rose Hips