20 Reflections in Photography

20 Reflections in Photography

Reflections in Photography 

Using reflections in photography, wedding photographers add emotional impact and artistic expression to a couple’s photo collection. It takes an artist with an observant eye, along with a solid understanding of lighting and composition, to create a photograph from this unique perspective. For this month’s Editor’s Picks, we chose 20 reflections in photography to inspire couples and photographers alike. 

Natural Reflections in Nature

In our first six photos, our talented member photographers capture the beauty of nature reflected in lakes and shimmering pools of water. Taken at epic locations, they make a viewer do a double-take and admire the scenery as well as the perspective. What couple wouldn’t love a photo like this of their once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

Big sky landscape reflected with hand in hand couple J La Plante Photo
Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado, wedding photographers
Bride and groom on rock with reflection Abby Plus Dave
Photographed by Abby + Dave - Calgary, Canada, wedding photographers
Couple reflected Frances Morency Photography
Photographed by Frances Morency Photography - Ontario, Canada, wedding photographers
Engagement couple hand in hand against snowy iceland mountains and reflections M and J Studios
Photographed by M & J Studios - Estonia wedding photographers
Couple against snowy mountain winner picture perfect The Crawfords Photography
Photographed by The Crawfords - Washington wedding photographers
Silhouette couple reflected in tidal pool Julian Kanz Photography
Photographed by Julian Kanz Photography - Italy wedding photographers

Reflections in Mirrors, Windows and Glass

Mirrors abound where brides and grooms are getting ready, and portraits taken using their reflections give us more than one point of view. For the next six photos in our collection, the available mirrors gave the photographer’s a chance to create extraordinary portraits that give us a deeper look at the scene and the subject/s.

Bride reflected as groom buttons up jacket Matthew Sowa Photography
Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York wedding photographers
Bride writing reflected in oval mirror Amber Henry Photography
Photographed by Amber Henry Photography - Michigan wedding photographers
Getting groom ready with bow tie reflected Photoluxe Media Weddings
Photographed by Photoluxe-Media Weddings - Barbados wedding photographers
Bride getting ready reflected in monotoned old painting Beauty Life Captured
Photographed by Beauty & Life: Captured! - Connecticut wedding photographers
Bride reflected in glass of french doors Catherine Hall Studios
Photographed by Catherine Hall Studios - San Francisco, California, wedding photographers
Groom window light portrait with reflection Seuss Moments
Photographed by Suess Moments - New Jersey wedding photographers

Reflections in Shiny Objects

While mirrors and lakes offer excellent opportunities for reflections in photography, any shiny surface will do. Below you’ll find 4 exceptional examples using the reflections created by windows, sunglasses and a swimming pool. The last one (taken by Miranda Suess) just looks like a reflection but is actually a composite of the skyline and a portrait with some tricky flash techniques. We love how each one has its own distinctive style.

Bride portrait with reflection Emiliano Russo Photography
Photographed by Emiliano Russo Photography - Amalfi Coast, Italy, wedding photographers
Bride reflected in happy grooms sunglasses Andrew Billington Photography
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK, wedding photographers
Ethereal bride dancing in air reflected in water Emmerlee Photography
Photographed by Emmerlee Photography - Minneapolis, Minnesota, wedding photographers
Photographed by Suess Moments - New Jersey wedding photographers
Photographed by Suess Moments - New Jersey wedding photographers

Reflections Created by Photographers

To finish our collection, we chose 4 photos taken using objects the photographers brought with them, including hand-held mirrors and cell phones. In each one, the photographer used a small mirror they brought with them or their cell phone screen to reflect the surroundings and turn the world on its head. While these techniques may sound easy, getting great shots like these is anything but. 

Couple ceremony with officiant under floral arbor with reflection Chrisman Studios
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina, wedding photographers
Couple portrait on clouds So Tender Is Humanity
Photographed by So Tender Is Humanity - Virginia wedding photographers
Silhouette couple with trees and mountains Pro Photo Italy
Photographed by Pro Photo Italy - Italy wedding photographers
Reflection Tim Yun Masters of Wedding Photography
Photographed by EIN Photo/Tim Yun - New York, NY, wedding photographers

When you book a top photographer they will know how to use reflections and play with light, angles and composition to create distinctive and memorable work. When you are looking for a wedding photographer to create artistic photos that will stand the test of time and impress your friends, contact the artists listed here or use our carefully-curated directory of the best photographers anywhere!