20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Fun

20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Fun

If you are a couple that’s known for your sense of humor or you’re just looking to add more fun to your wedding day, there are a lot of silly, creative, and simply wonderful ways to do it. Scroll down to find 20 fun wedding ideas and get ready to bring some laughter and lightness to your wedding. 

1. Start by adding some whimsical style to your wedding look. Whether it’s colorful shoes, hats, or accessories, some glittering fabrics, feathers or jewels can make your style whimsical.

Photographed by Procopio Photography - Washington, DC photographers

2. Take some silly shots with your photographer.

Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York photographers

3. Rent a photo booth and fill it with funny props including signs, masks, and blow up toys.

Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK photographers

4. Bring masks to wear for your bridal party photos.

Photographed by David and Sherry Photography - Ontario, Canada photographers

5. Serve donuts instead of wedding cake and hang them on the wall.

Photographed by Sasha Reiko Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers

6. Cut your wedding cake with a sword and be sure it’s not too sharp.

Photographed by Vinson Images - Arkansas photographers

7. Don’t want a traditional cake? Try a piñata. It’s a great way to smash things up without getting frosting in your face!

Photographed by John Gillooley - Ireland photographer

8. Get some silly sunglasses to wear and give them as favors to your friends.

Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC photographers

9. Incorporate some funny messages into your reception and ceremony.

Photographed by Nick and Kelly Photography - New Jersey photographers

10. Set up games to play. Try bouncy balls, limbo, or 3-legged races.

Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK photographers

11. Get yourself a bouncy house to jump around in. No doubt the kids will want to use it too!

Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK photographers

12. Dress up your Airstream or VW bus with lots of personal style.

Photographed by Ronan Palliser Photography - Ireland photographers

13. Take a selfie at your ceremony and surprise your family and guests.

Photographed by John Gillooley - Ireland photographer

14. Go jump in the lake, or at least make it look like it.

Photographed by Jacquelyn Potter Photography - Vermont photographers

15. Then go ahead and dive straight into the party pool.

Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC photographers

16. Get crazy on the dance floor.

Bride and groom going wild on the dance floor - Chrisman Studios
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographers


17. Dive into the mosh pit.

Photographed by Christophe Viseux Photography - Ontario, Canada photographers

18. Give your guests some water pistols to shower you with.

Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado photographers

19. Exit under a tunnel of light sabers.

Photographed by Tiffany Hofeldt Photography - Austin, Texas photographers

20. End your night with a colorful display of fireworks!

Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographers

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