Iceland’s Best Waterfalls for Wedding Photography

Iceland’s Best Waterfalls for Wedding Photography

When it comes to romantic waterfalls there’s no place on earth to capture them quite like Iceland. Today we’re showing off the work of 10 photographers from the 5 epic waterfalls they traveled to find the perfect shot. 

The first three are quite popular with good reason, and the last two are off the beaten path. All five will make you want to pack your bags and say “I do” in Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss - This must-see waterfall on the South Coast is one of the most photographed in the country. Just off Highway 1, it is easy to add to your itinerary and uniquely romantic due to the path that takes you behind the gracefully falling 25 m wide and 60 m high cascade.

Seljalandsfoss-waterfall-in Iceland-elopement-photo-virginia-evan
Photographed by Virginia and Evan - Banff, Alberta, Canada photographers
Photographed by Viridian Images - Atlanta, Georgia photographers
Photographed by MIKI Studios - London photographers

Skogafoss - Whether for the mist, the reliable rainbows, or the glimmering plunge pool, Skogafoss is a picture-perfect backdrop no matter what the angle. Photos are taken at bottom and at the viewing platform right on the lip. Easily accessible from the South Coast’s Ring Road, this falls is famous for its jaw dropping beauty throughout the year.

Photographed by CM Leung - China photographer
Skogafoss- Iceland-dramatic-bride-and-groom-shot-by-waterfall-susan-stripling-nyc-wedding-photographer
Photographed by Susan Stripling - New York City photographer
Skógafoss in Iceland-dramatic-kiss-at-waterfall-with-rainbow-froydis
Photographed by Frøydis Geithus - Norway photographer

Godafoss - Easily accessible between Akureyri and Lake Myvatn in North Iceland, this “Waterfall of the Gods” is Iceland’s Niagara. Photographers prefer to shoot from the east bank of the two powerful torrents as they plunge over the horseshoe cliff. In winter, Godafoss becomes a natural ice sculpture park when the spray paints its cliffs with frost and the water forms columns of ice in beautiful shades of blue and white.

Godafoss-in Iceland-elopement-couple-at-epic-waterfall-in-iceland-m-and-j-studios
Photographed by M and J Studios - Estonia and Iceland photographers
Godafoss-in Iceland-bride-in-cathedral-gown-against-waterfall-photo-by-edwin-tan-photography
Photographed by Edwin Tan Photography - Malaysia photographers
Godafoss -Iceland-Waterfall-elopment-photography-by-kristen-marie-parker
Photographed by Kristin Marie Parker - Seattle, Washington photographer

Gluggafoss - Off the beaten path via gravel road in the of South Iceland, Gluggafoss is uniquely scenic and less touristy than some of the others on our list. “Glugga,’ Icelandic for “window,'' refers to the windows in the bedrock where the falls slips behind three natural arches. Viewed from the apex or the base, this distinctive holes-and-tunnels geology adds to the epic view. 

Photographed by Christin Eide Photography - Norway photographers

That Secret Waterfall - There are over 100 waterfalls in Iceland and dozens without designations. With the right vehicle and a devoted photographer on board you can get photos like this one in a place that has no name. Go hunting for a waterfall to call your own, and name it after yourselves if you want to. After all, it’s your wedding!

Photographed by Virginia and Evan - Banff, Alberta, Canada photographers

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