Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

When it comes to finding your wedding dress, you’ll want to be picky to find the perfect choice. And If you love to wear colors other than white or would rather wear a short skirt or pants, there is no reason you need to conform. After all, playing up your personal style with a look that feels and looks like you is bound to make you feel more beautiful. That’s why this week we’re celebrating brides who break the mold by adding personality to their wedding fashions by choosing alternative colors, lengths, and styles. Scroll down and see 15 alternative wedding dress ideas that will give you plenty of ideas of your own.

While white dresses may line the racks of typical bridal stores, nowadays you are free to wear black or any color that suits you. Black looks gorgeous on any skin tone and no doubt you have a color that looks best on you. Choose a designer who offers dresses in alternative colors or get a dress made in your favorite hue. We love the looks from black to pastel in the 5 photos below and there’s no end to the colors to choose from.

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To make your look more modern and move away from the expected long skirt or train, try a short skirt that shows off your legs and fancy shoes. There are so many ways to wear this look, and it’s a sexy alternative to covering your body from neck to toe. Check out 6 mini-dresses that let real brides stop the show. 

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Rather not wear a wedding dress at all? No worries, pants are always en vogue. From sleek and sophisticated to sweet and lacy, look at these 4 brides who wore their pants with extraordinary style. 

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Whatever you choose to wear for your wedding, adding a bit of your own fashion flair is a great alternative to doing what’s expected. To find unique wedding dresses, shoes, veils, jewelry and more, check out our Fashion Gallery and find the best way to make a fashion statement that’s all about what looks good on you.