Artist Interview with Área da Fotografia

Artist Interview with Área da Fotografia

It’s clear from your photographs you have a ton of experience. How did you get into wedding photography?

Danilo Almeida and Cristiana Almeida:

We’ve been photographers working together for 25 years! We met in 1996 when we both had jobs in the health industry. Through years of friendship, we fell in love and today we are married with many stories and wonderful memories to share.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

One of our favorite stories happened in 2012 when a couple of our cousins, ​​Gabriel and Juliana, asked us to photograph their wedding (we were considered the family photographers). We only had a small Cybershot point-and-shoot; we had no notion of light, rules, direction. Up until then we had photographed family outings, nephews' birthdays, Christmas, etc. After a lot of encouragement from our cousins, we accepted their challenge, bought our first professional camera and started our journey in the world of wedding photography. New doors opened quickly and we got to know this totally different and charming world. From the wedding of our cousins, we began our journey into telling unique stories, going to different places and meeting amazing people.

Photography had always been in our lives but we never imagined that one day we would be devoted wedding photographers.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

What is your creative process when looking through a camera?

We seek to simplify photography, with a direct, spontaneous message, maintaining the connection between art and reality.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

What three adjectives would you use to describe your own work?

True, purposeful and artistic.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

What should brides and grooms look for when hiring a wedding photographer?

First, they must look for an experienced photographer with whom they identify with from an artistic standpoint. Couples can search social networks and directories to find the artist that fits. Then they need to have an in-depth conversation and see if the photographer has a spark in his or her eyes when presenting their work. 

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

What can couples do to prepare for an engagement or portrait session with you?

They need to think about a location that speaks to them and connects with their style. Then, on the day of the portrait session we have fun and explain the importance of them being comfortable. That’s how they can enjoy themselves and get amazing pictures.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

What do you think is the "superpower" of your wedding photography?

Here at home, we have two superpowers. Cristiana has the power of empathy; she can easily feel the essence and feelings of the couple to capture emotional moments, while Danilo has the power to see and create photos that are beyond what others see and expect.

Photographed by Área da Fotografia - Brazil photographers

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and heart with us on World’s Best Wedding Photos. It is an honor to have you as a member and a pleasure to promote your photography.

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