Artist Interview with Carolina Guzik

Artist Interview with Carolina Guzik

Every other week we focus on one of our fabulous member photographers whose work inspires us. This week we're putting the spotlight on Carolina Guzik from Florida, and her fashionable, photojournalistic style. 

How did you get started on this journey, Carolina?

I have been a full-time photographer for ten years. It all started as a game really. I was complaining that I didn't have that many photos of myself or my family, so my husband bought me a camera and told me to stop complaining and to start taking photos. 

I began by taking photos of myself, then my friends; then some acquaintances asked me if I could photograph their family. My business started just with families, and then I got a referral for a wedding, and that's how I got started in wedding photography.

When did you first realize you had fallen in love with wedding photography?

To be honest, it took a few weddings, and some really cool mentoring sessions with some amazing photographers, for me to realize that wedding photography can be an art form from start to finish rather than a simple collection of photos. Once I discovered that, it changed my perspective and I started approaching each wedding as an opportunity to create artwork that captures my clients personalities.

Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

What are your favorite parts of the wedding day? 

I love first looks and romantic photos as I can be a bit more creative and have a little control.

Where do you shoot the most and what are your 3 favorite backgrounds and venues?

I shoot the most in Miami and I love garden venues and cool hotels that are modern and stylish. Some of my favorite venues to shoot in Miami are Vizcaya, Villa Woodbine, and the National Hotel. 

What is your creative process when looking through a camera?

First, the light has to be right, then I focus on emotions, and last I try to get the perfect composition. 

What makes couples choose you for their wedding photography?

They choose me because I'm confident. They know they can trust me with making sure they look fantastic in their photos, plus they know they can relax and have fun and I’ll get the shots without them worrying.

Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

What 3 adjectives would you use to describe your own work?

Vibrant, romantic, and authentic.

Who are some of your favorite photographers, painters, musicians, or other artists who are not in the industry?

Joan Miró has been my favorite artist since I was a kid! I love his doodles and how colorful and playful his paintings are. I just love how playful his work is; it always makes me happy!  That's something I want my couples to feel when they look at my photos. 

Currently I am enjoying Manuel Medrano's music. He's a Colombian artist and his music is boho romantic. Always gets me in the right mood to edit weddings.

Other than photography, what do you love to do?

Going for bicycle rides, picnics with tons of carbs and truffle butter, and relaxing with my favorite shows. 

Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

How do you prepare for a big wedding?

First I check all my equipment making sure that everything is charged and clean. Next I revise my timeline. Then I call my second shooter to make sure we are on the same page. Finally, I get a good night's sleep. The day of the wedding I always do a light yoga practice to get my body and mind ready for the day ahead. 

What advice can you give about working with designers and planners?

Collaborate! This is not about you, or about them; this is about the client. Also, share your images with them to help build your relationship.

Let’s talk a little about some of your favorite pieces. What can you tell us about these photos?

Carolina Guzik-1 - Carolina Guzik
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

I love this photo because it's a bit editorial. This was for a Frida Khalo style shoot and I love how we gave great ideas for couples who want to be bold on their wedding day.

Carolina Guzik-2 - Carolina Guzik
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

This was a bit more conceptual. Their garden wedding had very few spaces for photos; we had done all the "expected" poses, so when I saw the two old flamingos I decided to try something new. We didn't know if it was going to work out, but the clients went for it and we all loved the result.

Carolina Guzik-3 - Carolina Guzik
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

This couple was super stylish and so was their venue! I love this photo because the location and sky were perfect, plus even though this is a panoramic photo, you can still see the connection between them.

Carolina Guzik-4 - Carolina Guzik
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

This will forever be one of my favorite images. This was 100% candid, right after the ceremony they jumped in their car and went for a kiss. I was in the right place at the right time.

Carolina Guzik-5 - Carolina Guzik
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

This first look was super sweet. The groom was very emotional and I love how the background also adds to the story.

What should brides and grooms look for when shopping for a wedding photographer?

It's really easy for couples to get overwhelmed while looking for a photographer. After all, there are thousands of photographers out there. So here are some questions they can ask themselves:

  • How do you want your wedding photos to look? Do you want them to be candid, posed, or a combination of both?
  • What style of editing do you enjoy? Do you like a moody aesthetic? What about light and airy? Choosing the style of editing you connect with will help you narrow down your selection of artists.  
  • Is the photographer someone you want to spend the day with? Take their personality into consideration because you will be spending your whole day with them. So make sure you not only like their style but also enjoy them as people. 
  • Check out their reviews! Everything looks pretty on Instagram, but you also want to make sure what other couples have to say about working with a photographer you are considering. 

What do you think is your photography "superpower"?

I'm really good at making people feel comfortable and posing them in a way that they look natural and beautiful! 

Is there something unique about shooting in Florida that's different than anywhere else you've discovered? 

It's HOT down here, so when shooting outdoors I make sure to be super-efficient (and fast), so my couples can go back in the A/C as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and insights on World’s Best Wedding Photos. It is an honor to have you as a member and a pleasure to promote your photography. To see more work from Carolina Guzik Photography, visit their website and WBWP profile.

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