12 Beautiful Ball Gowns for Weddings

12 Beautiful Ball Gowns for Weddings

Nothing says “I’m getting married” like a beautiful ball gown with a big billowing skirt. The most formal type of dress, ball gowns usually reach all the way down to the ground or further. Made of tulle, lace, and luxurious fabrics, the skirt increases in fullness from the waist down which makes it wonderful for twirling around the dance floor and gliding down the aisle. 

Although ball gowns have kept most of their characteristics since the mid 1800s, today’s brides have better options when it comes to showing off their personal style.

Today we’re showing off ball gowns worn by 12 real brides who look stunning in their dresses. From the fabulously formal to more modern designs, we hope you’ll discover an idea that will make you feel excited about wearing a ball gown at your wedding.

Long sleeves add an elegant look to ballgowns and are lovely for weddings in cooler weather. Below, four brides show off their long sleeve dresses made of lace and satin.

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The most classic look in ball gowns is an off-shoulder design. Here, three brides put Cinderella to shame with their own takes on what’s traditional. 

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Sleeveless dresses with high-neck design bring a royal touch to wedding gowns whether worn as a halter or choker lace collar. 

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While strapless gowns can be simple or lavish in design with applique lace, a long train, or even feathers!

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