Beautiful Ball Gowns for Weddings

Beautiful Ball Gowns for Weddings

When it comes to planning a fairytale wedding, nothing finishes the look quite like a beautiful ball gown. The big skirt that flares out from the waist celebrates the princess vibe and is one style some women will wear just once in a lifetime. Designed by Emily Pinqat in 1867, ball gowns for weddings and celebrations have been the talk of the town for over 150 years. The styles and fabrics that are used to make them stand out have been constantly evolving. Today, most ball gowns have skirts made from tulle, silk/satin and chiffon, and many include lace in their designs. Keep scrolling to see gorgeous examples of ball gowns made with these popular fabrics and learn how each one creates its own unique look.

Tulle Ball Gowns

A lightweight, tightly-woven netted fabric, tulle is the stuff that makes us think of ballerinas dancing lightly on their feet. Creating a dreamy and romantic look, it is often used for big, voluminous skirts because it keeps its shape even when it’s under numerous layers. A classic fabric, tulle is widely used in ball gowns for weddings.

Formal seated bride portrait Lana Nimmons Photography
Photographed by Lana Nimmons Photography - Montreal, Canada wedding photographers
Luxurious bride lace ball gown long sleeves Amy and Stuart Photography
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers
Bride portrait Dolomites Italy Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography - Italy wedding photographers
Back portrait of bride in luxury ball gown Joanne Dunn Photographers
Photographed by Joanne Dunne Photographers - Italy wedding photographers

Silk & Satin Ball Gowns

Silk and satin are smooth and shiny fabrics that exude luxury and sophistication. They drape beautifully and reflect the light like nothing else. To use silk or satin and still create the big ball gown shape, designers create structured slips that are used underneath the skirt to maintain the flare.

Full length bride portrait in halter ball gown Sylvain Bouzat
Photographed by Sylvain Bouzat Photography - France wedding photographers
Elegant couple walking Camilla Andersen
Photographed by Camilla Andersen - Norway wedding photographers
First look couple portrait Stanlo Photography
Photographed by Stanlo Photography - Bahamas wedding photographers
Bride in walkway in dappled light Michele Abriola
Photographed by Michele Abriola Photographer - Italy wedding photographers

Chiffon Ball Gowns

Chiffon is a lightweight, lustrous and flowing fabric. Made to move with you while giving off a slight shimmer, chiffon ball gowns for weddings look lovely when you’re dancing and gliding down the stairs. Dresses may have several layers of chiffon to keep their shapes or slips made of other fabrics. 

Full length bride portrait looking over shoulder Kesha Lambert Photography
Photographed by Kesha Lambert Photography - New York wedding photographers
Back view of bride with drapes and hanging Chinese decor Yun Li Photography
Photographed by Yun Li Photography - New York wedding photographers
Couple on church steps Seuss Moments
Photographed by Seuss Moments - New Jersey wedding photographers
Couple portrait at Silo Farms Kentucky Tom Russo Photography
Photographed by Tom Russo Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers

Chiffon Ball Gowns with Lace & Embellishments

Chiffon is particularly versatile because it allows designers to add ribbons and embellishments to create unique looks. Lace, crystals and small jewels are often sewn on for extra sparkle and shine. In the photos shown below, each bride owns her look wearing a chiffon ball gown that perfectly suits her style.

Bride in long sleeve lace gown Green Apple Photography
Photographed by Green Apple Photography - Kentucky wedding photographers
Carrie Kizuka Photography
Photographed by Carrie Kizuka Photography - Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Full length bride portrait Kate Noelle Photography
Photographed by Kate Noelle Photography - Orange County, California wedding photographers
Bridal portrait at chateau grounds Yun Li Photography
Photographed by Yun Li Photography - New York wedding photographers

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