Braids for Brides

Braids for Brides

When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for their wedding day, brides have a variety of lengths and styles to choose from. One classically romantic and enduring trend that continues to captivate brides and hairstylists alike is the use of braids. Braids for brides have effortlessly woven their way into bridal beauty, and they offer a versatile and enchanting allure that complements a variety of looks.

Braids for brides, whether intricately woven or elegantly simple, can complement styles from sleek and sophisticated to natural and bohemian. Some brides wear their braids as delicate crowns adorned with flowers, some wear them woven tightly in rows, while others let their braids hang loosely down their backs which looks lovely at outdoor rustic weddings.

The first time braids were worn was over 30,000 years ago in Africa, and today they play a big part in cultures around the world. Evoking powerful women and romantic figures like queens and princesses. Today we’re showing off 15 brides who wore their braids beautifully. Scroll down and find the style that will make you look and feel gorgeous.

*Note: If your hair is silky, you may have a challenge with braids coming apart. Don't miss our tips about braids for brides with fine hair, found at the end of this article.

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Braids for brides with fine hair:

1) Prepare your hair before braiding. Use dry shampoo, flexible hairspray, or styling powder that will add grip to your tresses.

2) Make your braid extra tight. Get a good hold of it from the first turn and keep it tight throughout the braiding process. Fine hair will loosen and look natural quickly.

3) Use bobby pins: Secure a bobby pin (or two) at the top of your braid and add more if you are creating an updo. Your professional hairstylist should have lots of ideas for braided hairstyles so be sure to ask if they are well experienced creating braids that last no matter what the weather.

Beyond being beautiful, braids also offer practical benefits for brides on their big day. They can withstand hours of dancing, hugs, and joyful tears. and remain picture-perfect throughout the ceremony and reception.