The Best Bridal Portraits 2022

The Best Bridal Portraits 2022

Every bride wants a gorgeous portrait of herself that isn’t like everybody else’s. Whether the shot is classic, retro, or alternative, a great portrait that is beautifully lit and captures her personality is bound to be shown off with pride. 

Today we’re showing you the ten award winners of our Bridal Portrait collection so you can see what’s possible for your wedding portraiture. With 3,000 bridal portraits to choose from, it was challenging to choose the final ten, and there were many that came very close to making the final cut. 

Scroll down to see some artwork that encapsulates the latest trends and some that epitomizes timeless portrait photography. Then jump over to our portrait gallery to find more portrait ideas from the best wedding photographers in the business.

Photographed by Andrea Verenini - Portsmouth, UK wedding photographer

Making masterful use of light and shadow, Andrea Verenini gives us this stunning portrait of a bride just inside a window. While many photographers may shy away from shadows, Andrea uses them here to enhance the mood and create a one-of-a-kind look.

Photographed by Layers by Danielle Green - Arkansas wedding photographers

Tilting the bride’s face toward the sun and creating a wonderful line between her neck and shoulder, Danielle Green from Layers Photography makes this lovely bride look like a princess.

Photographed by Syed Yaqeen - New York, New York wedding photographer

Shimmering and sensational, Syed Yaqeen’s posing technique and use of reflected light magnifies the beauty of this bridal gown captured in bright window light. 

Photographed by Eye Jogia Photography - London, UK wedding photographers

Taking classic luxury portraiture to the highest level, Sanjay Jogia of Eye Jogia Photography in London, creates a bed of flowers that show off this bride’s beauty and bright style. 

Photographed by John and Joseph - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

With a soft focus that is all the rage in today’s fashion magazines, John Hong, of John and Joseph Photography in Los Angeles turns a classic portrait into a cutting-edge work of art using light, composition, speed and aperture.

Photographed by Ben Connolly - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers

Thinking out of the box, Ben Connolly from Queensland, Australia shot this bride through a window at an angle to in order to take advantage of the reflections in the glass. The technique addied the perfect touch to this modern looking portrait. 

Photographed by Mun Keat Studio - Malaysia wedding photographers

Light streams through this bride’s veil and her hand creates a lovely line in this portrait from Mun Keat Studio in Malaysia. We love how it also captures the anticipation in the moments before her wedding in a still and delicate way. 

Photographed by M. Hart Photo - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

Using a skylight to illuminate this bride, Marlies Hartmann of M. Hart Photo in L.A. creates the appearance of fairy dust falling from the sky for an ultraromantic portrait.

Photographed by MIKI Studios - London, UK wedding photographers

Taken during bridal prep in a small, dark room, Ash Davenport of MIKI Studios in London used a video light and a beveled mirror to create this stunning portrait. We love how it glorioulsy captures the color and often chaotic feeling of an Indian wedding.

Photographed by Sophie Lin Berard - Vallejo, California wedding photographers

Timeless and compelling, this portrait was captured on film by Parisian photographer Sophie Berard. Showing us a window into the bride’s emotions, it captures the complexity of feeling that is often present on a wedding day.

Every photo that we showcase in our Photo Gallery is carefully curated before it’s shown to you. And every photographer we recommend is highly experienced and wonderfully unique in style. Check out our blog posts on the Art of Wedding Photography and see all of our awards over the years in our Award Gallery.