Best D.C. Wedding Photographers

Best D.C. Wedding Photographers

To help you find the best D.C. wedding photographers that fit your style, we've created our highly curated list of the most skillful and talented photographers available. Every artist we recommend has extensive experience photographing weddings in the greater D.C area with a distinctive look all their own and rave reviews. Scroll down to find the best DC wedding photographers for your celebration.

Adibe Photography 

Known for his artistically captured wedding moments, Kanayo Adibe is adept at using natural lines, textures, and patterns, along with exceptional lighting skills to bring a wedding album to life.

My approach is extremely artistic, photojournalistic, and arguably cinematic,” Adibe explains. “With every shot I take I’m constantly thinking of new ways to creatively tell your story using unconventional techniques and unique angles.”

Bride and groom pose in cathedral Adibe Photography

Cake with gold and floral decorations Adibe Photography

Bride and groom Adibe Photography

Akbar Sayed Photography 

Digital and film photographer Akbar Sayed is sought after for the seamless luxury experience that he provides time and time again. Combining skill and artistry with kindness, he knows how to make you feel relaxed and look radiant in front of the camera.

Sayed says “As a father, husband, and photographer, I am passionate about capturing the authentic, meaningful moments in life. I focus on helping my clients celebrate their most important milestones through exceptional photography that stands the test of time.”

back profile of Indian bride framed against green wall Akbar Sayed Photography

Night couple portrait lehenga Akbar Sayed Photography

Blue sky portrait of Indian couple Akbar Sayed Photography

Anna Schmidt Photography 

Elegant and romantic, Anna Schmidt’s wedding style light-filled and focused on beautiful moments. Her fashionable portraits, with a focus on editorial details, are frequently published and she is regularly sought-after by a luxury clientele and recommended by D.C. 's top wedding planners.

“Each love story and wedding celebration is unique, rooted in ritual and history,” says Schmidt “That's why I take time to listen to your plans and your dreams, and to carefully form an artistic vision for your extraordinary occasion that is based on what matters most to you.”

Back view of bride at window cityscape Anna Schmidt Photography

Couple on urban waterfront Anna Schmidt Photography

Group shot with staged kiss against Lafayette grave Anna Schmidt Photography

Bee Two Sweet
There is an artistic sensibility and upbeat sense of humor that sets the work of Brittany Diliberto and her photo brand Bee Two Sweet, apart. This natural storyteller is a master at putting people at ease to capture fun, relaxed,moments with unexpected angles, compositions, and distinctive style.

“My couples-first approach is integral to Bee Two Sweet’s style and overall brand,” says Dilberto. “The work is photojournalistic with gorgeous portraits and family portraits mixed in, together with special details that might otherwise be overlooked.”

 Intimate first look with two brides Bee Two Sweet

Bride leaps into grooms arms at Meadows Farm Yoga Retreat Bee Two Sweet Seated silhouette elopement couple at Sugarloaf Mountain sunset Bee Two Sweet

Love Life Images 

Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images has been photographing weddings for over 30 years and her unmatched skill of anticipating moments gives her images a look of authenticity and spontaneity.

Her kind and thoughtful demeanor also helps develop genuine comfort and trust in those she photographs while allowing her to deliver natural and timeless storytelling. Domenick has been consistently named one of the best photographers in D.C. by Washingtonian Magazine since 2003.

Black and white bride portrait Love Life Images

Flat lay with bridal shoes Love Life Images

Wedding party and reflection Love Life Images

Nat Wongsaroj Photography

Nat Wongsaroj’s wedding photography is inspired by light, color, black and white film techniques, and the personalities of the people he is working with. He combines his candid documentary style with a fashionable, fine-art look that continues to garner him international recognition and the loyalty of discerning clients in D.C. and around the world. 

“Having grown up in Asia and lived and extensively traveled for several years, I have gained invaluable insight into diverse cultures,” he says. “This rich tapestry of experiences has endowed me with a profound understanding and appreciation for people from various ethnic backgrounds.”

 Bride in sparkling gown Nat Wongsaroj Photography

Indian couple under tent with colorful flowers and petals everywhere Nat Wongsaroj Photography

Indian couple dancing Nat Wongsaroj Photography 

Photography By Brea 

For photographer, Breanna Shaw, weddings aren’t about flowers and chair covers. They are all about people. It’s the one time in your life, she says, “that everyone you love will be in one room and it’s important to capture them”. 

 After 400+ weddings Shaw’s approach to wedding photography continues to be bold, energetic and full of heartfelt moments. A big believer in living life out loud she tackles everything with unparalleled energy which is just one of the reasons she ranks among the best D.C. wedding photographers. “In addition to being a wedding photographer,” Shaw says, “I’m also a scuba diver, a glass blower, a ukulele and guitar player, and a world traveler, ready to photograph your wedding wherever you go.

Bride and groom against national monument Photography by Brea

Couple in red velvet theater seats Photography by Brea

Bride and groom holding hands during first look Photography by Brea

Photography by Steve and Jane 

The husband-and-wife duo known as Steve and Jane are often sought after for their focus on sophisticated portraiture and gracefully captured moments. With deep knowledge of the D.C. area and endless ideas for stunning photography, a day with them leaves you with breathtaking photos and a wonderful relationship that will keep you coming back for portrait and special event photography.

As they describe it, “With years of experience capturing portraits and weddings of all cultures and religions, we know how to be prepared for and capture every part of your day, seamlessly.”

Bride descending staircase Steve and Jane

Mascara for the bride Steve and Jane

Groom plants a sweet kiss Steve and Jane

Procopio Photography 

It’s easy to fall in love with Cecily Procopio’s wedding photography style. Looking through her photographs, you can see hard she works to find the best composition and the most beautiful light, frame by frame. An innovative photographer whose work is brimming with emotion, her style is clean, modern, and uniquely distinct.

Says Cecily: “I first became passionate about photography in high school and since then I’ve had a deep love for timeless black-and-white portraits as well as images that complement the natural beauty and unique personalities of the couples who trust me with their photography.

Couple embrace with brides veil in the wind Procopio Photography

Diamond and white gold rings reflected Procopio Photography

Dramatic light couple portrait against paintings Procopio Photography

Sam Hurd Photography 

As one of the best D.C. wedding photographers, Sam Hurd is a pro at delivering unique photography for those couples who love modern art. His out-of-the-box-ideas and exceptional technical skills make him a favorite of other photographers and artists and hisquiet, calming presence makes him fit right in wherever he goes.

“I don’t care if people are impressed with my awards, badges, or ‘top 10 lists’, because what matters to me is that you fall in love with the work that you see and are ready to trust me entirely to do what I do,”Hurd explains. “This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.”

 Swirling couple portrait Sam Hurd Photography

Groom tips back bride to floor Sam Hurd Photography 

Couple at end of street Sam Hurd Photography

Xiaoqi Li Photography
From getting ready together to cultural traditions and just “rocking out on the dance floor,” photographer Xiaqi Li loves that there are so many opportunities to capture people as they are during a wedding. Her work is genuine, timeless, and joyful, and her clients rave about their experience with her.

“Photographs have always been especially important in my family,” she explains. “We’ve just about always lived in different places, continents apart. My parents moved to the U.S. when I was 4 months old to attend college. I was raised in China by my grandparents while my parents watched me grow up through photographs, so I know how important it is to preserve these memories.”

 Couple moment inside brides veil Xiaoqi Li Photography Aerial view of elegant reception venue Xiaoqi Li Photography

Colorful bouquet in brides hands Xiaoqi Li Photography

Wedding photography can be priceless, or not ready for prime time; that’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best D.C. wedding photographers for you. All of them are ready to travel and take your wedding photography to a whole new level.

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