The Best Norway Wedding Photographers

The Best Norway Wedding Photographers

Looking for the best wedding photographers in Norway? You’re in luck: Wedding photography in Norway often features breathtaking locations and stunning natural landscapes including majestic fjords, snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, and picturesque countryside locations. There’s also lush greenery, blooming flowers, and long daylight hours that allow for magical outdoor shoots. The challenge for a couple lies in having so many talented photographers to choose from. That's why we've done the work for you. Here is our list of the best Norway wedding photographers. Every photographer featured here has at least 3 years of full-time experience, rave reviews from clients, and a distinctive portfolio of wedding photos that stands out from the crowd. Whether you're looking for classic elegant photography or emotion-driven photojournalism, you'll find 7 of the best Norway wedding photographers here.

Christin Eide Photography

Leading Norway elopement photographer Christin Eide is based in Bergen, at the entrance to Norway’s most famous fjords, and every image she takes reinforces that your vision for an epic adventure wedding can come true.

As an artist and an adventurer, Christin captures stunning locations throughout Norway, Iceland and beyond and is known for her lush colors, lovely black and whites, and her in-depth knowledge of popular spots and out of the way places. She specializes in getting her couples to relax, and documenting their day as it unfolds. “Much of it,” she explains, “is about getting to know you, understanding your needs and your dream, and being prepared to make magic together.”

Says couple Daren and Braden: “We eloped to Lofoten Islands in Norway with Christin and had the most magical day. From the beginning, Christin was very professional and explained exactly what our package entailed. And when we got there, she went above and beyond to help with our trip planning even beyond the elopement day.


Couple walking in epic landscape of mountains and lakes photo by best Norway wedding photographers, Christin Eide

Groom lifts bride on sandy beach photo by Christin Eide, best Norway wedding photographers

Seated couple intimate moment against rolling hills Seceda Italy photo by Christin Eide


Camilla Andersen

Camilla Andersen of Millifoto in Oslo, Norway, has always had a passion to tell stories in a genuine, warm, edgy, and even timeless way. “I want to convey how things feel, and not just how they look,” she says. “I always strive for that fine balance where documentary photography meets fashion coolness.”

Equally important to Camilla is that her wedding photographs show more than a pretty dress and a dreamy couple staring at each other. “I want to capture you and your loved ones through natural settings throughout the whole day,” she explains, which is why her images ooze atmosphere but also have a gritty rawness, a paparazzi flair, and candid moments of pure authenticity.

As previous clients Julia and Marius describe, “Choosing Camilla to be our wedding photographer was easy—it had to be her, after seeing her previous work. Our expectations were high and trust me on this one—we were not disappointed.”

Couple exiting chapel into sunlight photo by Camilla Anderson

Couple kiss at reception table photo by Camilla Anderson

Long view of intimate night reception table photo by Camilla Anderson


Foto Gard

Lovise Gard of Foto Gard specializes in using natural light to capture subtle wedding moments to tell the full story of the day. Whether your dream is to get married amidst the dreamy hills of Tuscany, along the cobblestone streets of Paris, or on a snow-capped mountain in Lofoten, Lovise is uniquely skilled at capturing the expression of your love story.

Lovise’s couples stand out against stunning locations and natural wonders as she highlights those emotional moments that can be hard to seize—“the stolen glances, the bursts of laughter, the silent tears of joy” that take your breath away each and every time. “Your wedding day, especially in a dreamy destination, should be nothing short of magical.” Her clients agree, with one bride writing that, “In a simple and spontaneous way, she put us at ease and made us laugh and have fun while creating beautiful and real shots.”

Couple kissing in church doorway photo by Foto Gard

Couple kissing with sparkler in hand photo by Foto Gard

Couple kissing while guests move in slow motion photo by Foto Gard


Fotograf Lillian Nordbø

Deep, dark, and emotional is how Lillian Nordbø says her wedding photography style can be described. Taking it a step further, she says she searches for the light in the dark, both in life and photography. “I specialize in finding the light and emotion that makes everything flow.”

She feels privileged to make a living from her dream and hobby. “For several years now, I have traveled around my beautiful country and immortalized people and love with my camera. I started out of pure love for the subject, without much technical knowledge, but I’ve now come so much further than I ever dreamed of, and I have kept the passion.”

Over the last few years, she’s photographed over 200 weddings, is a member of Blikkfangerne (comprised of some of Norway’s best wedding photographers), and still continues to feel inspired with each wedding she photographs. “Life, people, deep relationships, moments, love. This fascinates me and I hope and believe that it characterizes my pictures”—all filled with depth and emotion.

Couple walking in tall grass photo by Fotograf Lillian Nordbo

Back portrait of bride in off shoulder gown photo by Fotograf Lillian Nordbo

Head to head couple in historic church alcove photo by Fotoraf Lillian Nordbo


Frøydis Geithus

Wedding photographer Frøydis Geithus grew up among the fjords of western Norway and says that nature has been a huge part of her life and her photography. She got her first camera when she was 14 and has been smitten ever since. In the last 8 years or so she decided to specialize, making the full-on commitment to wedding photography.

“I come from a family of artists and painters, and they encouraged me to express myself through the camera,” she explains. “When I was 14, I ‘forced’ the local photographer to take me on as an apprentice, and the rest is history.”

We love how cinematic Frøydis’s work can be and while many describe her style as “dark and moody,” she doesn’t agree with that assessment. “I’m obsessed with both light and shadows, and most of the time what I see in my head is something between what my eyes see and what I get from my camera.”

Dramatic black and white of couple in rays of light photo by Froydis Geithus

Painterly bride portrait against dramatic mountain lighting froydis geithus

Painterly portrait of ceremony couple and officiant in rustic wooden church photo by Froydis Geithus


Rune Havn

Deeply inspired by mystery, passion, and what is natural and real, Rune Havn created romantic moody photographs that evoke a timeless era. “Getting other people’s stories up close is unique. That’s why good relationships and chemistry are important when it comes to photographing people. It creates security, and if security is in place, it is easier to create what is real.” Havn writes on his website.

His clients agree. “We booked Rune for our summer 2023 wedding, and he was very professional from the start,” say Camilla and Ruben. “The contract between us was signed early, which created good predictability and security. His images are amazing but even better is that he is cheerful and outgoing. He got to know us and captured our personality through the pictures.”

Another couple adds that they warmly recommend Rune, a “simply wonderful person with a big heart, unique talent, and the ability to capture very special moments.”

Bride tearing up at wedding reception photo by Rune Havn

Couple posing among hedges in front of estate photo by Rune Havn

Dark photo of couple kissing against evening sky photo by Rune Havn


Endre Hilleren

Wedding photographer Endre Hilleren of Hillerenfoto lives in Sogndal, Norway, between beautiful mountains and right by the Sognefjord. His work is light, romantic and full of the stunning backdrops Norway provides.

“Many people who contact me say that they don’t feel very photogenic or comfortable in front of the camera,” he admits. “But my personality and demeanor makes them quickly relax so that they can enjoy their wedding day even more.” His photographic style can be described as fun and adventurous, and he loves using the surroundings to frame the couples he photographs. “Each pair is unique, and I customize everything according to your wishes. Everyone has a unique story and with my imagery you get insight into how I retell those stories.”

Couple Ingelin and Havard say that in addition to Enren taking fantastic photographs, he is “a wonderful guy who makes it very easy to be photographed. He made us relax and enjoy ourselves in front of the camera, resulting in completely magical photos.”

Bride walking away in backless gown photo by Endre Hilleren

Classic profile bride portrait at mountain lake photo by Endre Hilleren

Couple walking in epic Norway landscape photo by Endre Hilleren

Incorporating the unparalleled beauty of Norway’s natural landscapes, its cultural heritage and a couple’s personal story are what these best Norway wedding photographers bring along with collections of images that convey captivating stories of love and adventure.

Whether you're looking for elegant classic photography or emotion-driven photojournalism, you'll find the best photographers in Norway and around the world right here in our carefully curated directory