Best Portraits of Groomsmen 2022

Best Portraits of Groomsmen 2022

If you've been invited to several big weddings, you’ve probably noticed there is a special energy that happens between the groom/s and the guys that makes everything more fun and exciting. Often, inside jokes and old stories are retold by men who have been friends for years, and humor, mischief and a sense of camaraderie infuse the day.

For our collection of the Best 10 Photos of Groomsmen chosen from our Photo Gallery, we’re focused on how top photographers capture portraits and moments that feature groomsmen in artistic and unexpected ways. Hats off to our member photographers and this group of guys who made these photographs extraordinary!

For the photo below, Boston photographer Kate McElwee makes the groom stand head and shoulders above the rest in this modern twist on  classic portraiture.

group-shot-groom-with-groomsmen-photo-by-kate-mcelwee-photography badge
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographers

Brian Callaway from Callaway Gable in Los Angeles gets the guys to look like the groom’s posse in this beautifully lit photo taken while getting ready. 

Photographed by Callaway Gable - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

Creating silhouettes of the groomsmen, Maui wedding photographer Angela Nelson captures this group of guys and makes a creative impression. 

Photographed by Angela Nelson Photo - Hawaii wedding photographers

Taking us back to another era, Jason Vinson from Vinson Images, based in Arkansas, produces an oil-paint-like photo of gentlemen toasting to the groom’s life and happy future.

Photographed by Vinson Images - Arkansas wedding photographers

Focused on color and composition, D.C. photographer Kirth Bobb of Beloved Agency photographs these groomsmen looking fly and fashionable.

Photographed by Beloved Agency - Washington, DC wedding photographers

For this moment right before the ceremony begins, Kirth Bobb creates another award-winner and makes us feel the anticipation.

Photographed by Beloved Agency - Washington, DC wedding photographers

Good thing these guys are just kidding in this dramatic photo by French photographer Julian Laurent-Georges or we would have to tell them to take it easy. 

Photographed by Julien Lauren-Georges - France wedding photographers

Here’s to the bride and groom. Shooting into the light at sunset, English photographer Rich Howman captures the groomsmen toasting the couple with their cricket bats in this creative take on a group shot.

Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK wedding photographers

Connecticut photographer Jacklyn Greenberg of JAGStudios highlights the little groomsmen whose face shows how delighted he is to be part of the big boy’s wedding party.

Photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut wedding photographers

In this case of hamming it up, all the guys get in the game in this other award-winning photo from Julian Laurent-Georges. Posing the groomsmen in a line to adjust each other’s ties, he uses a fun idea to create a look of multiple reflections. 

Photographed by Julien Lauren-Georges - France wedding photographers