Best Wedding Photographers in Canada

Best Wedding Photographers in Canada

Looking for the best wedding photographer in Canada? That can be quite a challenge when there are so many wonderful ones to choose from in so many different regions. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Here is our curated list of the best wedding photographers from Vancouver, B.C to Toronto to consider for your wedding. Every photographer featured here has at least 3 years of full-time experience, rave reviews from clients, and a distinctive portfolio of wedding photos that stands out from the crowd. Scroll down and find the best wedding photographers in Canada for your wedding.

Two Mann Studios

If you are seeking bold and unexpected documentary wedding coverage with lots of artistic flair—along with extraordinary lighting techniques— then husband-and-wife photo duo Lanny and Erika Mann of Two Mann Studios are the perfect pair for your dream wedding photos.

Renowned for their award-winning photography, Erika and Lanny show their clients the beauty of their weddings while conveying how the day felt—complete with the messiness, drama and complex emotions. The Manns say  “Our adventures in wedding photography began on a mountain summit during our very first date. That’s when we discovered our mutual passion for adventure and our fascination with light and love.” Today, they educate photographers around the world with their always-sold-out classes while delighting the lucky couples they work with. There is no doubt they are among the best wedding photographers in Canada.




Christophe Viseux

Originally from France, Christophe Viseux photographs weddings in Toronto and Ottawa, and  likes to focus on capturing the unscripted interactions and emotions between bride and groom, and family and friends. For him, this is where the magic lies.

Christophe has photographed more than 300 weddings in over a decade and frequently travels the world for destination weddings. “For me, wedding photography is a special relationship between the photographer and the couple,” he explains. “Connecting on an emotional level is the key to capturing meaningful moments and beautiful portraits.” This connection is clear in his portfolio where you’ll see his beautiful color and stunning black-and-white photography along with the fashionable flair he brings to his work.




Crémeux Photo

Wedding and elopement photographer Myriam Menard, based out of Montreal, has always been drawn to the hidden beauty in shared moments of love. “To me, relationships are a kind of artwork; a unique creation that’s forged by the tools of our heart, fortified with time and vibrating with a stunning emotional charge.”

In business for almost 7 years as Crémeux Photo, Myriam’s style exudes emotion and authenticity that is awash in vintage vibes, poetic moments and cinematic splendor. She prefers a candid and photojournalistic approach, learning over the years to adapt to the light and movement taking place around her. “Mine is a style that gives a nod to the creamy, dreamy wash of Old Hollywood glamor. I love timeless elegance and search for natural framings that embody the soft, warm esthetic in my work.”


Beyond the hearts


Gabrielle Desmarchais

With every image she takes, Gabrielle Desmarchais creates artful and captivating moments that convey emotion and tell a story, while also maintaining some mystery. “The light plays a huge part in my photos,” she  says. “Sometimes it is soft and enveloping; other times it is magical and ethereal.” 

Whenever possible, Gabrielle likes to get her couples outside to interact with nature. After all, she says, few things mirror the strength, fragility and singularity of love with the precision and grandiosity of a stunning landscape. On the whole, she likes to focus on the texture and grain of the couple’s chemistry and on the blurry edges of collected memories. “My years of studying film and literature have no doubt had an impact on the way I look at photographic narration and storytelling.” 




F10 Studio

Michael Fayehun of Toronto-based F10 Studio is an award-winning photographer from Lagos, Nigeria, who is known for his candid, elegant and stylish work. He’s been featured in numerous prestigious publications worldwide, and he specializes in weddings that document a couple’s story in a way that is authentic and unique to them. He also has a soft spot for the emotional reactions that unfold when his couples walk down the aisle—a moment he’s seen countless times in his coverage of 200+ weddings. For Michael, the moment never gets old.

“What I love about wedding photography,” he says, “is that I get the opportunity to catch a second that is gone forever and always difficult to relive like the first time. With the stories I tell through my images, I am able to help you relive those precious moments for years to come.”




Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne Hollies is one of our newest members and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the WBWP community.  A Toronto based wedding photographer, she specializes in narrative-driven intimate weddings and urban elopements, and her style is fresh and unique.

Ryanne says she draws inspiration from artists such as Mies Van der Rohe, Helmut Newton and Stephen Shore, and she loves that many of her clients are ones who want to forego the desire for perfect-looking wedding photos.

“When I look back at my work down the road, I want the images to feel timeless because the elements in the photograph are from a bygone era instead of appearing dated because I used a trendy preset that was so 2021,” she says. Check out her work and let yourself be transported.



Film photo of groom blowing kiss by Ryanne Hollies, best wedding photographers in Canada

Intentional blur of bride and groom by Ryanne Hollies, best wedding photographers in Canada

Robert Mauriell

Toronto wedding photographer Robert Mauriell comes from a background of film and television, which translates into expertly executed, stunning wedding photography that is both dynamic and cinematic, two characteristics which resonate greatly with us and the couples he works with. 

“I strive to create colorful and cinematic images,” Mauriell says, “and I'm driven by finding beautiful and interesting light, as well as emotional moments of any kind.” Backed up by a portfolio full of gorgeous portraits, artistic compositions, and decisive moments of love, joy, and humor, it is easy to see his talent, skill, and experience throughout his work. 




Jennifer See Studios

With over 250 weddings captured, Jennifer Cornthwaite of Jennifer See Studios in Toronto thrives on human connections and moments where nothing is forced or fake. Her documentary style means capturing even the small moments that sometimes go unnoticed.

When it comes to client satisfaction, Jenn receives as many rave reviews about her approach as about her photographic style. Clients love that she always keeps them calm, happy and comfortable in front of the camera while delivering a beautiful set of images after the wedding day. “I like to document how things naturally unfold,” she explains, “capturing you and your guests interacting with one another while you’re at your truest and most relaxed.” If your style is laid back and unscripted check out Jennifer’s portfolio of honest, authentic photography.


Jennifer See Studios

Jennifer See Studios

David & Sherry Photography

Known for their dramatic, colorful and artistic imagery, the award-winning husband-and-wife duo David & Sherry in Vancouver,  specialize in an adventure approach to wedding photography, with over 400 weddings photographed and counting.

“We believe in life lived in color and the photos documenting your life should look as good 30 years from now as they do the day they are delivered,” they say. “This is why we focus on capturing the real emotion of the day, using timeless techniques which ensure your images never feel like a fad.” We’ve been recommending David and Sherry for over a decade and there is no doubt they belong on our list of the best wedding photographers in Canada.




Annie Simard

Located in Quebec, Annie Simard specializes in traditional style wedding photography for brides and grooms in Quebec city and the surrounding areas. “I love photographing couples in love and capturing all the little details that make the picture say more than a thousand words,” she says.

“Our wedding was delayed 2 times due to Covid, as we were coming from Chicago to get married in Quebec,” describes one of her wedding clients. “Annie worked with us on the dates from what was to be a summer wedding to a winter wedding. The photos turned out beautiful. She captured the mood and joy of the day. Everyone who sees them comments on how romantic they look and asks how we are going to pick ones for hanging as there are so many beautiful ones…” Making couples happy with their wedding photos is our goal at WBWP, and Annie delivers.

Bride spritzing perfume, Annie Simard, best wedding photographers in Canada

Couple kissing on crowded holiday street, Annie Simard, best wedding photographers in Canada

Bride reaches for dress while mothers look on, Annie Simard

Tkshotz Photography

The award-winning Calgary wedding studio—composed of Todd Kwiczak, Lauren Horch and Sophia Ritz—specializes in emotive storytelling.. “My goal is to make every client feel celebrated through light, connection and story,” says Todd Kwiczak. 

“There's a reason they have so many awards acknowledging the photos they capture,” says a past client..” :They made sure we all had a fun and comfortable experience and they suggested beautiful locations for our wedding party and couple sessions. They are super creative and have a good eye for capturing the emotions we were feeling that day.”

We love the way they deliver all the photos their clients expect while adding unexpected, modern touches to create beautifully artistic collections.




Raphaëlle Granger 

Looking for raw,  intimate and timeless wedding coverage? Luxury wedding photographer Raphaëlle Granger, serving Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, has you covered.

“Adaptability, matching your energy, and finding a plan A, B, C, D is my jam,” she says. “And whether it be a flickering candlelit dinner in a grand castle or a breathtaking helicopter ride over rolling hills, we’ll make your dream wedding a reality and capture every incredible moment with one-of-a-kind, romantic wedding photography.” Raphaelle has been published in the world’s most prestigious bridal magazines and is a go-to photographer for wedding planners in Eastern Canada. Book Raphaëlle then relax and relish in stunning luxury photography that will transport you back to all the poignant moments of your wedding day.




Michael Chan

Michael Chan is known for documenting wedding stories in Banff, Calgary, Canmore, Jasper and beyond. “I believe in being authentic, in being vulnerable and letting the chaos evolve so I can document your day honestly,” he explains. “For me, the best way to capture the story is to tell it as is. In all its honesty, with all its rawness.” 

In that vein, he won’t ask you to smile for the camera or try to only photograph perfect scenes. “I would rather capture the smile that blossoms on your face when you see your partner looking at you,” he says. “I would rather capture the delightful and exciting commotion that builds up to every single wedding celebration, than clean up the mess for a pretty or tidy picture. Because the real beauty is in the honesty of it all. Trends are forgotten over time but your laughter, your smiles, your hugs…those are timeless, those are what will be remembered and cherished from your wedding day.

Michael Chan Photography.jpg