Best Wedding Photographers in New Jersey 2023

Best Wedding Photographers in New Jersey 2023

With an eye on the best wedding photographers in New Jersey, we’ve created the quintessential list of artists, from Atlantic City to Newark, with the skill, experience and distinctive style to make your wedding photos shine. Below you’ll find our 2023 list of the best wedding photographers in New Jersey. Use this list to find the one that speaks to you and complements your style.

1. Michelle Arlotta Photography

Michelle Arlotta has been photographing documentary style weddings for over 18 years and is rated as one of the best wedding photographers in New Jersey, Michelle has made her mark in the industry as an authentic storyteller who has photographed over 400 weddings—all building compelling narratives that are both joyful and nuanced. Her work is a combination of classic, timeless scenes interspersed with fun, slice-of-life moments that are candid and genuine. She is adept at capturing everything from the action on the dance floor to the most iconic moments that every couple wants included in their album—from the raw emotion to a bit of humor and wit, and everything in between.

Michelle Arlotta_couple-portrait-among-the-forest-trees-photo-by-michelle-arlotta-photography best wedding photographers in New Jersey

Michelle Arlotta_bride-getting-help-getting-her-heels-on-photo-by-michelle-arlotta-photography

Michelle Arlotta_fun-bridal-party-photo-on-the-boardwalk-photo-by-michelle-arlotta-photography

2. Nick & Kelly Photography

“Whether it’s the emotional reaction of a first look, a single tear streaming down a loved one’s face or a sweet kiss and embrace, we are there,” say Nick and Kelly Giardina of Nick & Kelly Photography in New Jersey. Their documentary-style work is bold and dynamic, fun and unscripted. And many of their happiest clients quickly describe the husband-and-wife photo duo as insanely talented and with whom they’ve become friends for life. These talented storytellers are the yin and yang to each other as Nick’s work tends toward more classic and timeless scenes and Kelly captures the more in-the-moment, candid shots. Together they are the dream team!




3. Daniel Nydick Photography

Daniel Nydick is a sentimental softie, he’s your best friend, and he’s the first to admit to absolutely “loving love” as he creates imagery overflowing with emotion and feeling. With over 100 weddings photographed to date, Daniel creatively unveils love stories with his lens, including epic one-of-a-kind portraits brimming over with candid, cherished moments. From the tears, the joy, the dancing, the laughing and more, his are not typical wedding images; they are bold and contemporary, colorful and vibrant, and full of eye-catching details. Daniel truly loves what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He creates something extraordinary each and every time, and that’s exactly why he is considered one of the best wedding photographers in New Jersey.

Daniel Nydick_veronica_adam_wedding_9-4-2020_c_daniel_nydick_photography

Daneiel Nydick_couple-centered-in-vintage-diner-new-jersey-photo-by-daniel-nydick-photography

Daniel Nydick_wedding-party-in-masks-photo-by-daniel-nydick-photography-by-daniel-nydick-wb-love-during-covid

4. Petronella Photography

Born in Uganda and raised in Zimbabwe, Petronella Lugemwa immigrated to Birmingham, Alabama, when she was just 10 years old. In high school, she didn’t see or experience people of different cultures and so she learned to hide parts of herself and her heritage. Slowly, though, she opened herself up and now her mission is to help multicultural couples celebrate their heritage  through inspirational, vivid imagery that celebrates family, love, and culture. Created in both a photojournalistic and editorial style, Petronella’s work is bold and beautiful and as she likes to say, “A smile is the same in any language.”

Petronella Photography


Petronella Photography

5. Carolina Rivera Photography

Argentinian-born photographer Carolina Rivera thrives on creating soulful images that are both artistic and journalistic in tone, from interesting angles to dramatic, illustrative compositions to raw emotions. With 200+ weddings and counting photographed, her passion for artists like Henri-Cartier Bresson, Frida Kahlo and Caravaggio greatly inspires much of her work and vision. As she puts it, “Photography has always been an art form ahead of its time, freezing moments for us to return to whenever we desire. I’m fascinated by this idea, and my passion lies in merging your real, raw memories with authentic, meaningful art for your home and your heart.”

Carolina Rivera_arranging-brides-appliqued-train-carolina-rivera-photography



6. Tom Russo Photography

For South Jersey wedding photographer Tom Russo, making people laugh and cry tears of happiness as they view his images is what he strives for each and every day. As one of New Jersey’s best wedding photographers, he is known for his documentary and lifestyle images— moments that, while often filled with love and light that are light and bright, can equally capture the passion and mood of the moment with dramatic flair. The award-winning photographer’s work is often inspired by “traveling and the culture, colors, and heartbeat of new places” and, after eight years, he continues to capture the magic of the wedding day with fresh eyes.




7. Miranda Suess of Suess Moments

Dreamy, romantic and candid are the hallmarks of Miranda Suess’ imagery. In Miranda’s eyes, a wedding is the greatest fairytale ever told and she is there to document every step of it, up through the happily ever after. Her images are whimsical in feel and fairytale-like in nature, and as someone who is able to get right in there, she can often be seen dancing right alongside the happy couple as she captures all the emotions and excitement unfolding in front of her.. Her endless five-star reviews make her one of the best wedding photographers in New Jersey and beyond, as does her painstaking attention to detail—from making sure her lighting and editing styles match the couple’s vision, to doing her homework on shoot locations and being prepared for anything that comes her way.




8. Mike Zawadzki Photography

Based in Little Falls, New Jersey, Mike Zawadzki’s wedding photography can be described as rich in natural colors as well as bold, romantic and genuine. His couples gravitate towards the sense of realness his images possess, and appreciate that they aren’t overly edited or have the same filter over them image after image. In the 15 years he’s been capturing weddings, Zawadzki remains steadfast in his intent and vision. “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything,” he says. “My goal has always been the same—to capture the day as it happens. No cheesy poses, no gimmick, no overly exposed colors or crazy angles. Just real moments.”

Mike Zawadazki_bride-popping-the-cork-with-bridesmaids-mike-zawadzki-photography

Mike Zawadski_kiss-with-fruity-drinks-and-hawaiian-shirt-mike-zawadzki-photography

Mike Zawadzki_laughing-couple-under-sparklers-mike-zawadzki-photography

We know your wedding means the world to you and that’s why we are showcasing only the best wedding photographers in New Jersey. Photography is the one thing you’ll purchase for a wedding that will always stay with you and we want you to forever cherish your photos and your experience.

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