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Wedding photographer in United Kingdom
Ben Minnaar Photography
Ben Minnaar
When I’m not working, I'm:
spending as much time as I can with my two little monsters. Where have those 3 years gone?!
I tear-up at weddings when:
I hear about lost family members. Capturing those moments is why I love this job.
The number of weddings I’ve photographed:
I love traveling to:
Myanmar, Colombia, Namibia, Vietnam & Iceland have got to be some of my most memorable destinations.
My 3 favorite artists right now are:
Music wise currently is Paul Kalkbrenner and Dawn Wall. Favourite actor has got to be Jim Carrey.
I specialize in:
I'm a moment chaser and smile seeker. Finding the light and making it work.
My style would be considered:
My superpower is:
I've grown into my super power. At 6 ft 6 I'm very happy at the perspective I can get with a camera