Photographer Profile #1502

Wedding photographer in Illinois
Laëtitia Donaghy Photography
Laetitia Donaghy
When I’m not working, I'm:
Staying home with a book, cozy blanket, my husband and kitties, I'm such a home body.
I tear-up at weddings when:
During speeches. If god forbid a dad should start tearing up, I'm done for.
The number of weddings I’ve photographed:
Hundreds at least
I love traveling to:
ANYWHERE!! I'm a HUGE travel lover. Take me with you!
I specialize in:
Telling your story authentically. I'm in love with that.
My style would be considered:
My superpower is:
I'm everywhere lol. I constantly hear "How did you get THAT shot?! We didn't even see you!" lol