Photographer Profile #234

Wedding photographer in United Kingdom
MIKI Studios
Ash Davenport - Mick Shah
I tear-up at weddings when:
Grandma starts breakdancing - true story!
The number of weddings I’ve photographed:
My 3 favorite artists right now are:
Edward Shah (aged 2), Martha Drake Davenport (aged 3), Ethan Shah (aged 9).
I specialize in:
Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary for our couples.
My superpower is:
Being positive - We don't dell, we don't worry, we don't overthink, we just follow our heart.
We love travelling to:
..... We love travelling.....
The most fun we had last year together was:
June - New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Iceland and Paris! It was a logistical nightmare but we wouldn’t have it any other way and if asked, we would do it again and again
When we’re not working, we’re:
looking after ourselves and our families. Both our families and our health is so important to us.