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Wedding photographer in Sacramento
Courtland Photography
Courtland Wilson
When I’m not working, I'm:
Spending time with my wife and dogs, boating, playing golf, wine tasting, and reading a good book.
I tear-up at weddings when:
That's a tough one... Probably during the 1st look, and parent speeches.
The number of weddings I’ve photographed:
I love traveling to:
Anywhere! I've currently visited 31 countries, and have many more on my list.
My 3 favorite artists right now are:
Victor Lax (photographer), Caravaggio (painter), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor).
I specialize in:
Photojournalism (my background), off-camera flash, and environmental portraits.
My style would be considered:
My superpower is:
Staying calm in stressful situations. Also, I'm a dog whisperer :)