The Best Shoe Shots in Wedding Photography

The Best Shoe Shots in Wedding Photography

The shoe shot is a mandatory piece on a photographer’s details checklist, but it doesn’t have to be staged or boring. Making the shoes the focal point in the photos shown below, each artist used their creativity to make the photo outstanding. 

We believe all of your wedding photos should be nothing short of extraordinary, from the biggest moments to the smallest details. That’s why we recommend only the most experienced and talented photographers and feature their work here.

Scroll down to see the best artistic shoe shots in our Fashion Gallery. Then search for designer styles and color ideas that will make you kick up your heels!

A little girl contemplates being grown up in this touching photo by UK photographer, Dan Morris.

Photographed by Dan Morris Photography - UK wedding photographers

The shoes make their grand entrance in this beautifully composed photo by Lithuania photographer, Laura Žygė.

Photographed by Laura Žygė Photography - Lithuania wedding photographers

French photographer Sophie Lin Berard takes glamor up a notch with her paparazzi-style photo of this bride getting ready:

Photographed by Sophie Lin Berard - Vallejo, California wedding photographer

A well placed rabbit and a pocket watch made this work of art by Joann Dunn from Ravello, Italy truly magical!

Photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy wedding photographers

Both partners are wearing the shoes in this family, and Michelle Arlotta of New Jersey perfectly captures that with her artistic use of composition and aperture.

Photographed by Michelle Arlotta Photography - Milford, New Jersey wedding photographers

By cropping the heads in this creative shot, Jurgita Lukos takes our eyes from the bride’s gaze down to the bright red shoes of her fiancé. 

Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania wedding photographers

Taking this detail shot on a jet black background makes these shoes (and purse) look like they’re falling. A simple and elegant trick of the eye from Houston, Texas photographer Daniel Colvin.

Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas wedding photographers

A still life from Seattle, Washington photographer Jonas Seaman speaks of things to come and calm moving to excitement.

Photographed by Jonas Seaman Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers

In this creatively composed black and white photo of a bride reaching for her shoes, Seattle, Washington photographer Lindsay Paradiso uses the elegant line of the woman’s arms, legs, and wedding gown to create a romantic and uniquely beautiful portrait.

Photographed by Lindsey Paradiso Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers

Working with harsh light, New Jersey photographer Michelle Arlotta takes advantage of it to make these shoes sparkle and the bride’s mother shine. 

Photographed by Michelle Arlotta Photography - Milford, New Jersey wedding photographers

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