Black Wedding Style Ideas

Black Wedding Style Ideas

The color of sophistication, black works well for every occasion. Gone are the days that the shade was worn only for mourning. Now even brides can wear black wedding fashions and accessories. 

From black tie to black tableware to black wedding dresses, read on to see how to incorporate black into your wedding and leave a fashionable impression.

Right from the start, strike the tone for your event with black envelopes and invitations. Use gold, silver or white lettering to stand out against the dark and add to the impact and elegance.

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It’s all about the tie when it comes to a black tie event and there is nothing more formal. Get all of the guys attending to wear them and set the tone for a classically beautiful celebration. Are you a bride who is reading this? Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a gorgeous black dress for your reception.

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Want to break the rules? Wear a black wedding gown! Some cultures still see black gowns as a taboo, but throughout most of the world wearing black is a strong style statement. From vintage lace to modern feathers, designers are creating gowns that turn heads and look amazing.

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Black looks equally great on guys and gals so why not have your whole bridal party wear it? Your bridesmaids will thank you for picking a color everyone looks great in, and the photos of you all will look stunning.

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Set the table for a chic celebration with black linens or black tableware. Serviettes, plates, glasses, and tablecloths in a host of black fabrics act as accents that play up your wedding color palette.

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When it comes time to cut the cake, finish your theme with frosting that’s all black. Black makes decorations pop and adds a surprising twist away from the traditional white wedding cake. Just be sure to hire a professional baker, or you may end up with bitter frosting or black on your teeth, which is never a good look. :)

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