Circular Seating Ideas for Weddings

Circular Seating Ideas for Weddings

Want to get conversations going at your wedding and make everyone feel equal? The best way is to seat them in a circle. Circular tables open up the possibilities of people to talk to and eliminate the feeling that someone else is at the head of the table. In fact, the evidence for the benefits of circular seating, including an increased sense of safety, curiosity, and camaraderie, have become so widespread that even schools, corporations, and community groups have taken on the idea to encourage brainstorming and remove a sense of hierarchy. 

To inspire you to choose circular seating arrangements for your wedding, we’ve put together a collection of ideas for every season and style along with tips for renting the right sizes and linens that work.

Keep scrolling to find a look that you love and the information you need to create seating that will have your guests making friends in no time.

Circular rental tables come in following sizes: 48” - seats 6; 60” - seats 8; 66” - seats 8 to 10; 72” - seats 10. 

According to the experts at Pederson’s Event Rentals in Seattle, Washington, here's what you’ll need:

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Linens look lovely when they go all the way to the floor or no more than 3 inches above it. 

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And you can add an extra touch with an overlay called a corner drop.

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For summer, wicker or wooden chairs with floral linens look gorgeous.

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And circles can be used for outdoor ceremonies ...

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cocktail hour ...

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and bonfires by the beach.

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For winter, jewel tones create a rich ambience and candlelight adds to the atmosphere.

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Of course, white is stunning in any season and looks lovely with every type of chair.

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To be sure everyone can see each other, remember to keep your centerpieces low or above head height.

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