Colorful Summer Wedding Bouquets

Colorful Summer Wedding Bouquets

When a white wedding just won’t do, there’s no better way to flaunt your bright color palette than with summer wedding bouquets and florals that pop. In bold shades of every hue, vivid blooms put on a show for June to September and bring a cheery vibe to your wedding day. Below you’ll find a list of seasonal flowers that will stand up to the heat and look gorgeous for hours and hours.

Flowers for Early Summer Bouquets


Coming as early as May in some regions, peonies are a perennial favorite for wedding bouquets. In shades ranging from white with soft pink edges to deep blood red, there are few plants that are more frilly and fabulous looking in bunches. Keep in mind that if you want them in your bouquet, they are one of the world’s most coveted flowers and can be quite expensive when they aren’t in season. 


Looking like a cross between a peony and a rose, ranunculus can bloom near the beginning of summer or late in the season, depending on when it’s planted. Blossoms come in white, yellow, pink and red, and look fresh all day in monochromatic bunches or mixed with a riot of colors in summer wedding bouquets. In fact, their blooms are so sturdy they won’t fade for two weeks after cutting them so you won’t have to worry about droopy looking flowers.


Blooming a bit later than peonies or ranunculus, anemones are almost too pretty to be real. With ruffled leaves and black, button centers, they can be found in stark white and many colorful shades of pink, blue and purple. Super popular for summer bouquets they’ll last up to ten days in water and make a statement throughout your celebration.

Bride with large colorful bouquet The Villar Photo Co.
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Flowers for Late Summer Bouquets


Dahlias are an obsession with those that love to grow them because they come in every color of the rainbow and a wealth of heights, shapes and sizes. Set up your tables with dinner-plate dahlias and sunflowers to amaze your guests with their giant blooms, then use waterlily, star, and peony dahlias to add a summer touch to your bouquets. 


Nothing says summer like sunflowers! With options for petals in bright yellow, russet, orange and gold, they’re perfect for late summer events. The strong stems and hardy blooms, stand up to heat and lend a joyful note to your fashions and decor. While most sunflowers come with big blossoms, they are also available in mini-varieties that are perfect for adding pops of color to your bouquets, and ideal for displaying in pots for your table displays.


There are over 2,000 types of lilies in the world. The most popular for summer wedding bouquets are the wonderfully fragrant Stargazers and Orientals, which bloom throughout the summer, and the stately looking Calla Lilies that last into the fall. Because there are so many varieties available, you’ll want to ask your florist for recommendations and do some research to discover the type that you love best. The skies are the limit here so have fun finding the flowers that speak to you.

Tip: For DIY bouquets, be sure to remove the stamens from your lilies. The copper, powdery pollen that covers them, will cover everything it touches including fingers, fabrics and more.

Bright sunflower bouquet with daisies The Reeses
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Flowers for Every Month of Summer


Arguably the most classic flowers in the world, roses have their own symbolic language and each one has its own scent. Choose red to say “I love you,” orange to communicate passion, and peach to say how much you appreciate your partner. Bunch them together for a traditional look, or use them with an array of other flowers to add fragrance and beauty to your summer wedding bouquets.


Exquisite and luxurious, orchids steal the show at luxury weddings. Use Phalaenopsis for cascading bouquets and Cymbidium for upright, upscale designs. Vanda orchids are also stunning with speckled petals that come in yellow, pink and an eye-catching deep-violet blue.


In green, pink, blue, and lipstick red, Anthuriums get noticed and admired for their colorful, large waxy leaves and showy stamens. A standout among tropical plants, they fit right in with orchids, proteas, and birds of paradise.

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