Colorful Wedding Style

Colorful Wedding Style

Not every wedding has to be white, and all over the world color brings life to ceremonies and celebrations. Red is particularly auspicious in many cultures and was threaded into wedding dresses in the West prior to the 1840s, while bright yellow and fuschia now stand for happiness and certainty, respectively. 

We love the look of bright fashions and colorful decor and we’re excited to give you ten great ideas for how to weave them into your wedding color palette. 

1) If you want to be bold and a bit untraditional, try wearing a dress that isn’t white. Red, blues, and greens can look gorgeous with every skin tone while creating an unexpected surprise for your partner and guests. 

Photographed by CM Gallery - Hong Kong photographers
Photographed by CM Gallery - Hong Kong photographers
Photographed by Joshua Behan Photography - Rhode Island photographers
Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia photographers

2) To draw attention to your outfit all the way to the floor, buy shoes that match your dress and make a fashion statement. 

Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers
Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographers

3) Dress up your bridal party in silky gowns in vibrant tones or go carnival style and mix and match.

Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina photographers
Photographed by David Bastianoni Studio - Italy photographer

4) Even if your dress is white, you’ll want a bright bouquet in beautiful colors. Try roses in reds, oranges, and yellows, or sunflowers, asters, and tulips for more yellow hues.  Add delphinium, forget me nots, and hydrangea to bring something blue into the bunch.

Photographed by Jenny DeMarco Photography - Austin, Texas photographers
Photographed by Alante Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina photographers

5) Bring the flowers in your bouquet to your ceremony and reception with a gorgeous floral arbor or hang them over your dance floor for a festive effect. 

Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California photographers
Photographed by Nat Wongsaroj Photography - Washington, DC photographers

6) Create floral table runners and centerpieces that match your color scheme and set the table with pretty linens in solid or patterns.

Photographed by Cameron Zegers Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Corbin Gurkin - Charleston, South Carolina photographer
Photographed by ModernMade Weddings - Florida photographers

7) Set your tables with colorful foods, like tomatoes, peppers, melons, and strawberries, or add edible flowers for some fun to the mix.

Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California

8) Make your cake standout with pops of colors using fruits, frosting, or flowers.

Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers
Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographe

9) Hang decorations and string garlands, and seat your guests on chairs and sofas in your unique color palette.

Photographed by Car & Mel Photography - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico photographers
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California

10) Light up your dance floor with spotlights and gels in mood-enhancing tones, and dance the night away in a colorful celebration that’s all about your style. 

Photographed by Morgan Lynn Photography - Colorado photographers
Photographed by Zofia & Co. Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers

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