Creative Group Portraits at Weddings

Creative Group Portraits at Weddings

People come from near and far to celebrate weddings and top photographers capture those friends and family members in creative group portraits that show off their connection to the couple. Without an experienced photographer on board, your bridal party and family photos can take a lot of time away from the big day and still look boring. Not with our members behind the camera! They know that great wedding group shots with commonplace posing and forced smiles will never be as interesting or valuable as portraits that are artistically creative. To give you an idea of what’s possible at your wedding, we’ve chosen 10 extraordinary shots from our galleries. Scroll down to be inspired, then check out our Portrait Gallery of exceptional group photos with hundreds of picture perfect portraits.

Portland wedding photographer, Jos and Tree, took advantage of the candlelight to capture one of their creative group portraits that beautifully shows the family and guests intention to shower the couple with blessings.

Creative group portrait taken during candlelight prayer by Jos and Tree, Portland wedding photographers
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers

Seattle wedding photographer, Jonas Seaman, captures the fun of a sack race to create a group shot that will keep this family smiling for years to come. 

creative group portrait taken during sack race by Jonas Seamans, Seattle wedding photographer
Photographed by Jonas Seaman Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers

Pennsylvania wedding photographers, Nick and Kelly get the guys in the game with a high-energy photo taken from the ground. 

creative group portrait by Nick and Kelly Photography
Photographed by Nick Kelley Photography - Colorado photographers

Keeping the setting dark in an industrial looking gym, New Jersey photographer, Carolina Riviera, plays up the couple's love for exercise in one of her creative group portraits with classic posing.

Photographed by Carolina Rivera Photography - New Jersey photographers

Capturing a split second of connection, French photographer, William Lambelet, creates a  documentary portrait that is artistic and spontaneous.

Photographed by William Lambelet Photography - France photographers 

Who wouldn't love a photo like this in their wedding album? The angles and energy make this creative group shot by Colorado photographers Nick and Kelly fun and extraordinary.

Photographed by Nick and Kelley Photography - Colorado photographers

Composition plays a big part in the creative group portrait by Minnesota wedding photographer, Bradley Hanson, who shows the just married couple sent off to their reception by all of their family and guests. 

Photographed by Bradley Hanson Photography - Minnesota photographers

Las Vegas wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis, beautifully captures the solemn prayers of family members before the wedding ceremony. 

Photographed by Jerry Ghionis Photography - Las Vegas, Nevada photographer

A modern twist on an old world look, Irish photographer, Ronan Palliser, nails this creative group portrait with exceptional lighting and posing ideas.

Photographed by Ronan Palliser Photography - Ireland photographers

Never boring, Canadian wedding photographers, David and Sherry Buck, get the group laughing with fun props that lighten the mood. 

Creative group portraits by David and Sherry Buck, Canadian wedding photographers
Photographed by David and Sherry Photography - Ontario, Canada photographers

Hats off to Spanish wedding photographers, El Marco Rojo, for this delightful group portrait using the back of a truck to get everyone in the shot. 

creative group portraits using hats by El Marco Rojo, Spanish photographers
Photographed by El Marco Rojo - Spain photographer

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