Photography Style - Dark and Moody

Photography Style - Dark and Moody

When skilled photographers want to create artwork that looks like oil paintings and draw you into the atmosphere, they shoot their photos in a style known as “dark and moody.” Sometimes reminiscent of Rembrant paintings, yet more often modern and dramatic, photographers use the color of the location, the lighting, the shadows, and their camera settings to design their work, then expertly edit it in Lightroom or other software. 

If you love this style and want to help with the creative process, think about keeping the colors you and your bridal party wear on the natural side. Soft white and creams, rich reds, deep oranges, and lapis blues look beautiful while very bright colors (and anything neon) can feel a bit out of place. If you’re looking for that old world look, consider having your portraits done indoors under chandeliers or in candlelight rather than in the sunshine. Cloudy days, starry nights, and even pouring rain can look gorgeous in this style

Take in the photos below and see beautiful examples of the dark and moody style of wedding photography.

Photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut photographers
Photographed by Carolina Rivera Photography - New Jersey photographers
Photographed by Nordica Photography - Sweden photographers
Photographed by Amber Henry Photography - Michigan photographers
Photographed by Charmi Pena Photography - New York photographers
Photographed by Daniel Aguilar - Houston, Texas photographer
Photographed by Fer Juaristi - Mexico photographer
Photographed by M. Hart Photo - Los Angeles, California photographers
Photographed by Wes Shinn Photography - Virginia photographers
Photographed by Carolina Rivera Photography - New Jersey photographers
Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographers
Photographed by Dan O'Day Photography - Australia photographers
Photographed by Esteban Gil Photography - Connecticut photographers
Photographed by Daniel Aguilar - Houston, Texas photographer
Photographed by CM Gallery - Hong Kong photographers

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