Ethereal Wedding Photography

Ethereal Wedding Photography

Wedding photography looks may come and go, but ethereal wedding photography never goes out of style. Referring to something delicate, light and almost heavenly, ethereal photos look soft, romantic, and timeless. Below you will find 20 dreamy examples of ethereal wedding photography from our highly-experienced and talented members, along with lots of information on how you can help your photographer achieve the look. 

Ethereal bride with long veil two little starfish
Photographed by Two Little Starfish -  New Zealand wedding photographers
Chrisman Studios Mauricio Arias
Photographed by Chrisman Studios -  Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographers
Bride in luxury gown Joanne Dunn Photographers
Photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy wedding photographers
Couple at cascading waterfall with swans two little starfish
Photographed by Two Little Starfish -  New Zealand wedding photographers
Styled shoot bride twirling cremeux photo
Photographed by Cremeux Photo -  Montreal, Canada wedding photographers

Like what you’re seeing so far? If you are drawn to the ethereal look, you can ask your photographer to work with you to create photos that will stand the test of time and make you feel transported. Here are some of the elements that photographers use to create the style. Keeping them in mind will help you co-create the right atmosphere and be part of the process. 

Soft Lighting: Ethereal wedding photography features soft, natural or diffused light. A great time of day to achieve this look is during golden hour right before or after sunset, or on a foggy day. Diffuser and reflectors may be used to soften harsh sunlight.

Pastel or Muted Tones: Soft colors like off white, cream, and pastels can add to the dreamy, romantic atmosphere so think about this when you’re choosing your accessories and bridal party attire. Don’t worry if those colors aren’t in your palette, any color can be used as long as the other elements align.

Emphasis on Nature: Natural landscapes, like gardens, forests, fields of snows and serene water features lend themselves well to this style. If your location already features an epic background it should be easy for your photographer to capture the heavenly atmosphere.

It’s in the Details: Capturing the delicate details of the weddings, such as flowing fabrics, intricate lace or subtle textures add to the overall ethereal and romantic aesthetic. If you’re wearing a gown with antique lace or one that flutters in the wind, it will work beautifully for this type of photo.

Post-Processing Techniques: This one you have to leave to the photographer. They  may soften the photo or enhance the highlights to create a slight haze or glow that give these types of photographs a dreamlike quality.

Keep scrolling to find more celestial looking photos and fall in love with style of ethereal wedding photography.

Couple in mist framed by trees Miguel Ponte
Photographed by Miguel Ponte Wedding Photography - Portugal wedding photographers
Bride's hair in the wind Virginia Evan
Photographed by Virginia and Evan - Alberta, Canada wedding photographers
bride walking in forest froydis geithus
Photographed by Froydis Geithus - Norway wedding photographers
Blurred couple 37 Frames
Photographed by 37 Frames Photography - Japan wedding photographers
Children dancing at reception Philip Thomas Photography
Photographed by Philip Thomas Photography - San Antonio, Texas wedding photographers
Couple in foggy field Naomi van der Kraan
Photographed by Naomi van der Kraan - Netherlands wedding photographers
Couple as dancers Richard Israel Photography
Photographed by Richard Israel Photography - Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photographers
Couple pose at misty waterfall Forevermore Films
Photographed by Forevermore Films - Utah wedding photographers
Ethereal photo of hawaiian bride under veil Melia Lucida
Photographed by Melia Lucida - Maui, Hawaii wedding photographers
Couple portrait nighttime waterfall Bettina Vass Photogrpahy
Photographed by Bettina Vass Photography - Iceland wedding photographers
Couple portrait deep in forested landscape Laura Zyge
Photographed by Laura Žygė Photography - Lithuania wedding photographers
First dance in smoky room Naomi van der Kraan
Photographed by Naomi van der Kraan - Netherlands wedding photographers
Fashion couple in deep woods Ben Connolly Creative
Photographed by Ben Connolly Creative - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers
Romantic couple at waterfall Andrea Verenini Photography
Photographed by Andrea Verenini - Italy wedding photographers
Sepia photo of bridal hair and dress detail Richard Israel Photography
Photographed by Richard Israel Photography - Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photographers

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