The First Look

The First Look

What is a first look? Picture this: It’s wedding day and the lucky couple (like the two of you) are tying the knot and starting to get ready. Each partner is secluded in a separate room, and both are feeling a mix of childlike nervousness and full-on exhilaration. The venue is already adorned with decorations and gorgeous flowers. The tone is set for the soon-to-be-wed couple to say “I do” in front of family and friends. At this point, some couples will choose to wait to see one another until the ceremony, but many others will opt to have a first look for several reasons.

First looks allow couples to spend quality time together outside the chaos of all the wedding activities occurring around them; it carves out more time for portraits before the ceremony; and it generally results in more flexibility and creativity in capturing meaningful photos without being rushed. First looks definitely impact the overall flow of the wedding and free up more time during the cocktail hour or reception so that the couple can mingle with guests and enjoy the festivities.

Photography by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado wedding photographers
Photography by Cliff Mauntner Photography - Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Photography by Dimi & Wallace - Greece wedding photographers
Photography by Studio Impressions Photography - Queensland, Australia wedding photographers
Photography by Courtland Photography - Sacramento, California wedding photographers

Typically, to make the first look momentous, the photographer has one partner stand at an agreed-upon spot, facing away, while the other approaches. The suspense builds, heartbeats get louder and you can almost touch the anticipation hanging in the air. Then the person who is turned away faces the approaching partner and time seems to stand still. It’s just the two of them, face to face. The emotion is one of joy, where fear and worry vanishes, replaced by an overwhelming sense of connection and devotion. It’s truly an art form to photograph these special first-look moments, where the couple is united in their love, ready to embark on their lifelong journey.

Another plus of first looks is that there are several types of locations they can take place in, including locations that are meaningful to both parties. They help add an emotional touch and make the first look photos even more special.

Photography by Alante Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers
Photography by Yves Schepers Photography - Belgium wedding photographers
First look, bride descending stairway towards groom, Amber Henry Photography
Photography by Amber Henry, Michigan wedding photographers
Groom anticipating first look, photo by Petronella Photography, New Jersey wedding photographers
Photo by Petronella Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers
Photography by f5 Photography - England, UK wedding photographers
Photography by Stefy Hilmer Photography - Newport, Rhode Island wedding photographers

Keep scrolling to see ten more timeless and touching first looks and get inspired to make yours special. One final tip: Be sure to walk slowly and don’t hold back the joy or tears. 

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