Floral Wedding Fashion Accessories

Floral Wedding Fashion Accessories

While bouquets are the classic way to add flowers to your wedding fashion, today we’re focused on several other ways to weave floral designs into your look. 

To begin with, consider floral crowns, which never go out of style and can help you make a big fashion statement. These hair accessories look great with large blossoms and well-mixed blooms. We adore the designs shown below for their beautiful, bold appearance. Fl

Floral headpiece designed by Les éphémères - Photographed by Amandine Ropars - France photographers
Photographed by Frøydis Geithus - Norway photographer
Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey photographers
Headpiece by Anick Vorbe - Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

Plus floral crowns are always darling on little girls, who feel fancy when they’re wearing them. Want to add an extra angelic touch? Have your flower girls wear feather wings decorated with blooms that match your bouquet.

Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York photographers
Photographed by John Gilooley - Ireland photographer
Photographed by Callaway Gable - Los Angeles, California photographers

Circular floral arrangements that are easy to carry alternatives to bouquets and are great for beach and adventure weddings, and flower leis and garlands which are used in South Pacific weddings and Indian wedding rituals can look simply beautiful on any bride.

Photographed by Aralani Photography - Portland, Oregon photographers
Photographed by Angela Nelson Photo - Hawaii photographers
Photographed by F5 Photography - England, UK photographers

When you want to add more interest to your outfit, ask your florist to create a shawl of flower petals, or wear a handmade lei that drapes down your back.

Photographed by Corbin Gurkin - Charleston, South Carolina photographer
Custom Lei by Hawaii Flora Fauna - Photographed by Melia Lucida - Maui, Hawaii photographer

And if you are a guy who wants to get in the game, festoon your hat and wear a beautifully designed boutonniere.

Photographed by Nirav Patel Photography - San Francisco, California photographers
Photographed by Cameron Zegers Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Dana Cubbage Weddings - South Carolina photographers

Then, don’t forget your dog, who is bound to look adorable with a collar made of leaves and flowers. 

Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey photographers
Photographed by Dana Cubbage Weddings - South Carolina photographers

For more ways to use flowers at your wedding go search our gorgeous Galleries where you can find and favorite the shots you love.