Flower Crowns to Fit Your Style

Flower Crowns to Fit Your Style

With roots way back to Ancient Greece and the times of Pagan worship, flower crowns have been worn by women to signify important ceremonies. Today our neighbors in Ukraine wear floral crowns for many of their celebrations, including weddings, and all over the world brides choose to wear headbands made of flowers.

When you select your flower crown, you can have your blossoms speak for you through the language of flowers, you can pick a scent you’ll never forget, and make a fashion statement using beautiful colors and design.

Let us show you 12 fabulous floral crowns and what they are made of from big bold petals to delicate ferns and florets.

What to turn some heads? Try using oinkand white heather to make a stunning statement. Or, go big with a bright crown of red dahlias, orange orchids, and pink peonies.

Photo by Carolina Serafini, best italy wedding photographers
Photographed by Carolina Serafini - Italy wedding photographers
Photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers

Headed to the beach for your vows? Wear tropical colors found in fuschia orchids and red anthurium.

Photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica photographers

Consider white and blush roses with peonies for a perfect pastel vibe.

Photographed by Katie Kaizer Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers

Or choose a classic ivy crown signifying marriage, fidelity, friendship, and affection.

Photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica photographers

Of course, flower crowns look right at home in garden weddings with pink, red, and white roses, 

Photographed by Zofia & Co. Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers

with a matching bouquet of sunny yellow and peach poppies, 

Photographed by Rebecca Love Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers

or a simple design of bayleaf and baby’s breath, which symbolize wisdom and everlasting love, respectively.

Photographed by The Portrait Room - Ireland photographers

Heading to the mountains or snowy climes? Then white is always perfect, with roses for innocence or campanula for showing signs of gratitude.

Photographed by Christin Eide Photography - Norway photographers

Or use blush tones of antique roses with woven lily of the valley.

Photographed by Dark Roux - Houston, Texas photographers

From the brightest colors worn by all your bridesmaids,

Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK photographers

to a simple band of ferns that speaks of magic, fascination, and sincerity.

Photographed by All the Little Stories - Boston, Massachusetts photographers

There are blooms throughout the seasons that will bring beauty and meaning to your wedding. 

Here are some floral crown dos and don’ts to be sure you love your look all day:

  1. Choose hardy blossoms like orchids, freesia, roses, eucalyptus, and bay leaves if you want your crown to look gorgeous for hours.
  2. Be picky about your colors. Your flower crown will have to match the rest of your fashions so be sure you have the right shade of blossoms for your look.
  3. When choosing more fragile flowers, have a second crown made to wear at your reception.
  4. Show off your personal style. Flower crowns don’t have to look bohemian. They can be structured to look modern and sophisticated as well, so work with your florist to design something that’s all about you.
  5. Attach your crown securely. Be sure there are clips in place to keep your flowers on your head and off your shoulders.
  6. Let your hairstylist know how big your crown is and whether it will be worn with flowers around your face or toward the back of your head, and show them a picture if possible.

Learn more about the language of flowers here, and see hundreds of gorgeous floral crowns, bouquets, and arrangements in our searchable Details and Decor Gallery. Dive in to find and favorite the photos that speak to you.