Flower Girls Fashion Guide

Flower Girls Fashion Guide

Flower Girls Fashion Guide

Having a flower girl (or three) at your wedding is bound to bring the cuteness factor up several notches and make your ceremony even more magical. If you’ve got little ones that are eager to play this role, check out our Flower Girls Fashion Guide that will help you get them dressed up and ready to go.

Consider Their Ages

Kids younger than 1st grade can have a hard time performing under pressure. If you want a toddler in your bridal party, be sure you have other attendants who can take their place. Then, let the attendants know that they can send the little one to their parents if there is a meltdown. Nothing shifts the focus away from your ceremony quite like a kid screaming at the altar.

Dress Them to Complement Your Style

To keep your wedding fashions cohesive, get dresses for your flower girls that match your style. If your look is classically romantic, lace dresses will look lovely. If your look is chic and modern, try dresses made of crisp silk with fashionable bows or embellishments. Play with color and patterns to find the perfect look.

Three adorable flower girls on path in woods Alecia and Patrick
Photographed by Alecia Patrick - Prince Edward County, Canada, wedding photographers
Precious little girl in white dress with large bow Lorryn Smit Photography
Photographed by Lorryn Smit Photography - South Korea wedding photographers
Dressed up flower girls and ring bearers Citlalli Rico Photography
Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Riviera Maya, Mexico, wedding photographers
Beach wedding group hug Victoria Grace Photography
Photographed by Victoria Grace Photography - Asheville, North Carolina, wedding photographers

Choose Breathable Fabrics and Loose Fits

Tight clothes make anyone feel uncomfortable, especially children. Be sure your flower girls can run and play in the outfits you choose and that they won’t get overheated. Experienced photographers can tell you that kids just won’t stay in clothes they don’t want to wear.

Flower girl with kissing couple on lawn Procopio Photography
Photographed by Procopio Photography - Washington, D.C. wedding photographers
Adorable flower girl holding heart shaped pillow Iryna Shostak Photography
Photographed by Iryna Shostak Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers
Flower girl dispensing flower petals Xiaoqi Li Photography
Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia wedding photographers

Have Your Florist Design Their Floral Crown

Flower crowns on little girls are often made to match bouquets and floral decor. Most little ones love them because it makes them feel like royalty. We love them because they are beautiful and look fabulous in photographs.

Choose Shoes They Can Walk In

This may seem obvious, but patent leather and shoes with heels are hard to wear. Choose slip-ons with soft material or sparkly sneakers if you want flower girls with happy feet.

Fill Their Baskets to the Brim

The more petals they have to throw, the more likely your flower girls will make it all the way down the aisle without running out.

Elegant flower girl with basket Santiago Almada Photography
Photographed by Santiago Almada Photography - Phoenix, Arizona, wedding photographers

Give Lots of Encouragement

Tell your flower girls that seeing their faces come down the aisle will make you smile. That you know they’re going to nail the job and you have a special treat for them when they’re finished. Give them bubbles to blow, or hula hoops to twirl after the ceremony and add to your photographer’s delight.

Designate a Buddy to Go Down the Aisle With Them

Kids can be great at encouraging each other and big kids can often help younger ones get excited about their debut. Give your flower girl/s a friend, to walk with them, whether it’s a big brother or sister or a pal they know well. Having a buddy to hold their hand will up chances that the important moments don’t get missed or derailed.

Sweet flower girl and ring bearer in Sicily Jurgita Lukos Photography
Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania wedding photographers

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