Wedding Games for All Ages

Wedding Games for All Ages

If you are planning a fun, relaxed wedding that may include children, games can be the perfect addition. Usually played during cocktail hour, they put smiles on faces and can keep kids of all ages feeling engaged until your reception.

Sack Races

Easy to set up, all you need are some burlap bags big enough for 2 people to fit into. Inexpensive, they run less than $4 apiece on Uline or Amazon, and you can use them later to grow food in. Be sure you have a large, non-slippery surface and let guests compete at sack races. 

Photographed by Jonas Seaman Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographer

Bouncy Houses and Slides

Nothing can keep “kids” entertained quite like bouncing off the walls! From small enclosures for a handful of people to big castles and slides, you can tailor your choice to your guest list by renting one of these inflatable fun houses from large rental companies in your area.

Photographed by M. E. Photo and Films - Cancun, Mexico wedding photographers

Bouncy Balls

Jump up, jump up and get down! With a handful of bouncy balls on hand, your bridal party and guests are bound to have a blast racing, bouncing, and letting their hair down.

Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK wedding photographers


With a definite advantage for kids, Limbo is always fun for the flexible, and amazing to watch for everyone else. Perfect for beach weddings and dance floors everywhere, this game can get your group excited and in a playful mood to party the night away.

Photographed by Dark Roux - Houston, Texas wedding photographers

Ball Pits

With lots of colors, ball pits are a bright way to add fun to your weddings. Everyone loves to jump in, plus they provide a wonderful way for your photographer to get upbeat, playful portraits.

Photographed by Ben Connolly - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers

Arcade Games

Who doesn’t love to play PacMan, Galaga, and Donkey Kong? Perfect for whimsical weddings with a retro feel, arcade games from the 70s to the 90s are usually non-violent and wonderfully addictive. Don’t be surprised if your MC has to call out twice to get guests to your reception.

Photographed by Andrew Alwert Studios - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers

Break Dancing

When there are dancers in the crowd, they can’t wait to show off their moves. Get your guests to join a circle and watch while your friends and family members put on a show.

Photographed by Michael Freas Photography - Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographers


Giant Jenga sets invite guests to try their skills and calm their nerves. With blocks tumbling and friends sneaking up on participants, Jenga sets naturally attract guests and make for seriously fun pictures! 

Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK wedding photographers

Pillow Fights

If you haven’t had a pillow fight in forever, there’s no better time to do it then when you’re getting ready. Give your bridal party a pillow each and get your party started!

Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas wedding photographers

Pool Parties

Ideal for weekend weddings, you’ll make a splash by having a pool for your guests to dive into before or after your celebration. Photos of couples doing cannonballs and reveling in the water are smile-inducing additions to your wedding album and great to share with the world on social media.

Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC wedding photographers

Sword Fighting with Lasers

Ready for a fun-filled exit or a little sword play on the dance floor? Star Wars laser swords light up in an array of colors and can be given as favors. Get your guests to create a tunnel of them for your exit, or have your bridal party duke it out on the dance floor while your DJ plays the Star Wars theme song.

Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado wedding photographers

Collaborating with Your Wedding Photographer

Working with your photographer can be a lively, creative experience. Instead of posing for a formal group shot, get a great photo like the one below by collaborating with your photographer. Tell them you want photos that are out of the box using silhouettes and shadows, and enjoy every minute of your group shot session. 

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