Book Your Wedding Photographer First

Book Your Wedding Photographer First

Did you know that wedding photographers are consistently the second wedding vendor to be booked right after the venue or wedding planner? We’re here to tell you why hiring your photographer first is the savvy way to make the most of your wedding planning.

Here are five important reasons why you should hire your wedding photographer from the very beginning.

1. Your photos will reflect your style. While recommendations from your venue or planner can be helpful, the photographers on their lists may be chosen for how they cover the place or the details, rather than for how they capture your moments and personal style. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a recommendation list of photographers based on solid experience, customer service and distinctive work so you can find the artist who makes you feel excited about your wedding photography.

Photographed by Tiffany Hofeldt Photography - Austin, Texas photographers
Photographed by Gabrielle Desmarchais - Quebec, Canada photographer
Photographed by Joel & Justyna - Ottawa photographers
Photographed by Sara France Photography - San Diego, California photographers
Photographed by Liam and Bee - UK photographers

2. You’ll get insider advice. Acting as witnesses to weddings, photographers see the whole picture from arrival to exit. And when they’ve photographed hundreds of weddings in the area you’re getting married in, they can act as helpful guides to the best the locale has to offer. Every wedding photographer who’s experienced and well-known in their respective local industries will be able to supply you with trusted recommendations to build out the rest of your wedding team without any other concerns than making you happy. Already set on a venue? Do a Google search for “photos of [the place name]” and find photographers who shoot there frequently. When you discover someone who suits your style, reach out and get their take on how the venue treats their clients and how well it photographs.

Photographed by The Copper Collective - San Diego, California photographers
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK photographers

3. You could save on substantial hidden fees. A little-known fact about wedding planning is that planners and venues often charge additional fees for vendors called “kick backs.” These happen in 2 ways. The vendor in charge raises the price for other vendors and passes them on to you, or the photographer, florist, etc. pays a percentage of their fee directly to the venue or planner. This is not a practice that happens everywhere, but unfortunately when it does it is rarely disclosed. Hire your photographer first and you may be able to eliminate these fees.

Photographed by Angela Nelson Photography - Hawaii photographers
Photographed by Nilüfer Nalbantoğlu - Turkey photographer

4. You’ll get to choose who you want to spend the day with. You’ve heard this reason before and it’s true -- your wedding photographer not only is with you all day during the big day, but before and after. This is someone you need to fully trust, to make sure you look your best. We have you covered in terms of angles, moments and memories. As such, finding someone you absolutely can hang and vibe with is important. This isn’t just someone who is able to take your wedding photos. This is quite possibly your family archivist, so putting them at the forefront of your wedding planning is essential.

Photographed by Carolina Rivera Photography - New Jersey photographers
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers

5. You’ll get the artist you love before they are booked. Seasoned wedding photographers with at least five years of on-the-job experience are not easy to find and they book out fast. We know several that book up to 3 years in advance! While many new photographers think wedding photography is easy, a high percentage find that it is very hard work that requires a wide array of skills from technical to social, and demands long hours of prepping and post-production. Because of that, there is high turnover and it is important to hire someone who knows the drill and can deliver high quality work. So don’t wait to hire your wedding photographer!

Photographed by Alex Paul Photography - Cape Cod, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Melia Lucida - Maui, Hawaii photographer
Photographed by Lax Photography - Spain photographers
Photographed by Savannah Brown Photography - Vermont photographers
Photographed by Andy Gaines Photography - York, UK photographer