Wedding Lipstick to Match Your Skin Tone

Wedding Lipstick to Match Your Skin Tone

Pull your whole look together and bring out your best with the right wedding lipstick. Whether natural or dramatic, the choice of shade will reflect your personality, compliment your complexion and fit with your overall wedding style. Some hues and tones will be more flattering than others. Here’s how to choose the one that is right for you. 

Begin by identifying the undertones of your skin to see whether they run warm or cool. To do this, take a look at the inside of your wrists. Do the veins look bluish? Then pink is your undertone. If they are more green, your undertone tends toward yellow.

Brides with pink undertones may look best in shades grounded in purple or blue, such as a classic bright red. Pink shades, which are the most chosen in the US and UK, add a cheerful light touch to your makeup, while dark reds can be chic and dramatic. Brides with yellow undertones may want to choose warmer colors, such as those in the brick and berry families.

Neutral and nude lipsticks are flattering for all skin shades and are especially popular for daytime and outdoor wedding events, whereas richer shades dominate evening affairs.

In the natural look, some wedding lipsticks appear barely there.

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Some barely-there shades lean toward pink ...

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While others are in the warm coral family.

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While brides with darker skin can look stunning in vivid colors such as deep cocoa, orange, rust, or maroon, warm neutrals can also be striking.

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And bright red lipstick can be gorgeous on bride's with darker skin tones or ones that are very light.

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Wedding lipstick ideas, bride in bright red lipstick, photo by Green Apple Photography

Many Indian brides with dark eyes look amazing in deep red lipstick. But depending on the color of the lehenga, warm-leaning neutral shades may also be perfect.

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Warm or cool, lip color that’s beautifully bold – including deep shades of berry and brick – will look daringly dramatic with a variety of skin tones. Scroll down to see more beautiful looks for wedding lipstick, then search "makeup" in our photo gallery to see hundreds of other wedding lipstick ideas.

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With so many choices, working with a professional makeup artist is always a good idea. Before finalizing your lipstick choices, select your wedding dress and hairstyle. Then, create a shortlist of lipsticks you love and wear them at different occasions over a few weeks. See how people respond and ask your friends for feedback. Whatever lip color you finally settle upon, you’ll be rewarded with feeling beautiful and looking like your best self. 

* For lipstick that lasts all day try, The Pat McGrath Collection, Dior Rogue, or Loreal Paris.