How to Get Your Wedding Published

How to Get Your Wedding Published

Do you want to get your wedding photos published? Do you want to feel proud to see them on social media, popular websites, or in the pages of a leading magazine? Here are a few things you need to know to maximize your chances of publication:

Be sure you can get permission. In addition to providing information to the publisher about your vendors and your wedding story, keep in mind that your photographer and planner will have to sign off on allowing the photos to be published. Chances are they will be thrilled to do so, and letting them both know about your plans before your wedding date will go a long way to ensuring you have all the necessary photos for your submission. Since the photographer owns the copyright (unless otherwise stated in the contract), it is critical that they be willing to release the photos for use.

Most magazines will ask that your wedding not be published elsewhere, and a few will even restrict it from being shown on the photographer’s or planner’s website and social media before and as long as 6 months after they run your wedding. 

Focus on your story. Love stories with a unique twist offer the publisher a persuasive reason to showcase them. Are you childhood sweethearts? Do you have interesting shared hobbies? Have you had to overcome obstacles to get married? Is your wedding design personal to you in unique and beautiful ways? Having a fun, romantic, or compelling story will help to get you on the editor’s short list.

Consider the location. What’s not to love about a wedding in a Parisian cathedral, on top of a mountain in Switzerland, or on a beach in Bora Bora? The more exotic or interesting your location is, the more likely you’ll get picked up by a national or international publication. While a private estate or club may be beautiful, if it isn’t a place the magazine’s viewers can rent for themselves, it can be a bigger hurdle to get a “yes” from editors.

Photographed by Emiliano Russo - Amalfi Coast, Italy wedding photographer

Match your submission to the style of the media. If your wedding is in the luxury category, consider magazines like WedLuxe, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Munaluchi Bride and Martha Stewart Weddings. For a destination event, try Destination I DO or Weddings and Honeymoons. Lots of cultural details to show off, add World Bride Magazine to your list, and if you’re aiming for top blogs, consider Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, or Over the Moon. Finally, if your style is edgy and alternative look at Rock n Roll Bride and OffBeat Bride to celebrate your story and look. 

Submit extraordinary, well-lit photos. Most publications want photos that brighten their pages, which often means a preference for beautifully lit photography taken in daylight or with off-camera flash. Details taken under the same lighting conditions work well in collage style layouts, which blogs and magazines use frequently. Check out our Details and Decor gallery to see how the photographers we recommend photograph editorial details that are perfect for publication.

Photographed by Dana Cubbage Weddings, Emilliano Russo, Anna Schmidt Photography, Peter van der Lingen Photography, Greg Finck Photography, Julien Laurent-Georges

Prepare your vendor information. All publications want to share credit with the vendors who helped your wedding plans become a reality. Put together a list of everyone involved and be ready to submit it along with your photos and story.

Use the list below to prepare your submission. Publications want to show your wedding from start to finish and because 99% of their readers are still in the planning stage, they are looking for new and beautiful fashion and decor ideas along with stunning portraits and emotional moments. The more well-designed your wedding theme and color palette are, the more interest you’ll receive.

Here is your Wedding Photo Submission Checklist:

Submit 20 to 100 photos depending on what the publication asks for:


  • Getting ready
  • First look 
  • Processional 
  • Ceremony
  • The kiss
  • Recessional
  • Reception arrival
  • First dance
  • Cake cutting
  • The grand exit
  • …and any particularly emotional or funny photos.


Photographed by Peter van der Lingen Photography - Netherlands wedding photographers

Portraits: Both Portrait and Landscape Orientation

(Be sure to show full-length shots that capture your fashions)

  • Bride/s  - 3 options
  • Groom/s - 3 options
  • Two of you together - 5 options
  • Your wedding party - 3 options
  • Your family groups
  • Your guests having fun
Photographed by Tiffany Hofeldt Photography - Austin, Texas wedding photographer


  • Aisle and arbor
  • Cake
  • Bouquet
  • Boutonniere
  • Ceremony site
  • Extras - paper products, gifts, accessories, etc.
  • Floral decor
  • Invitations & save the dates
  • Place settings
  • Reception site - full room or area
  • Rings
  • Table design
  • Venue/location - outside view
Photographed by Lauryn Kay Photography - Portland, Oregon wedding photographers

You don’t have to have every item on the checklist above to get published, but it will help to have most of the items in your submission. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to your planner or photographer. They have likely been published before and would be happy to help with the process.

Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a gorgeous editorial feature!

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