How to Make Your First Dance Memorable

How to Make Your First Dance Memorable

The music starts, the lights go up, and everyone turns to watch you. It’s a seasoned dancer’s dream that can be quite a challenge for those who aren’t used to putting on a show. To be sure you can enter the dance floor at your wedding with confidence and leave feeling great, here are eight tips to consider.

#1 - Carefully Choose Your Song

Choose the song that will make the two of you feel connected. This is one time where dancing by yourself doesn’t work, so your choice of song has to be something you both love and find romantic. Don’t worry about choosing something classic if that isn’t your style. It’s okay to choose contemporary music, as long as it’s all about love and doesn’t have lyrics that will make your grandma uncomfortable.

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#2 - Consider Dance Lessons

If the impression you want to leave contains words like elegant, refined, or sophisticated, then dance lessons may be the only way to make it happen. Lots of dance companies offer a short series of lessons just to help brides and grooms get over the jitters, or learn how to do the jitterbug.

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#3 - Stay Focused on Each Other

While everyone is looking at you, you’ll want to be looking at each other. After all, this is the very first dance of your married life, and your love deserves all of your attention.

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#4 - Surround Yourself with Family and Friends

Have your guests get on their feet to watch you dance. When they join hands or simply stand in a circle, they’ll feel like they are part of the big event. Plus they won’t be chatting or texting, and they can use their phones for taking pictures instead.

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#5 - Light Up the Dance Floor

It’s your night and the spotlight should be on you. To trip the light fantastic with sensational style, design your lighting to be directed towards the center of your dance floor. Then, consider adding columns of colors, projected patterns, disco balls, or dancing under a chandelier. Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements in wedding design and is crucial to the creation of a spectacular event.

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#6 - Add Some Ambiance With a Fog Machine

When you want your first dance to be dramatic, nothing draws attention quite like billowing waves of fog across the floor. Created by using dry ice or a mixture of water and glycol, fog machines make you look like you’re dancing in the clouds and bring magic to your celebration. Ask your DJ to supply what you need or rent something on your own. We strongly suggest you choose dry ice over glycol which may cause an allergic reaction.

Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania photographers
Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania photographers

#7 - Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

While you’re out there making your moves, try moving your partner off the floor and giving them a whirl. This uplifting gesture is guaranteed to make them smile. And if you want to take it to the next level, try an aerial lift and leave your friends amazed.

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#8 - End With an Unforgettable Kiss

Nothing gets your guests in the game like seeing the two of you end your first dance with a memorable kiss. Everyone will applaud it and head to the dance floor when you follow up with music that is wildly fun and popular. Another sweet way to get guests engaged is to ask married couples to join you and give your bouquet to the couple who’s been together for the longest time, then ask your bridal party to jump in. Not ready to make it loud? Take a break after your dance to cut your cake and speak with guests before your real party begins.

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