How to Propose With Style

How to Propose With Style

A proposal is one of the precious moments in life that is bound to be remembered. If you’re doing the asking, no doubt you’ll feel a bit vulnerable, a lot excited, and ready to make a big impression. Here’s how to to propose with style in a way that will surprise and impress your partner while making you feel savvy and prepared.

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First of all, get a gorgeous ring and try not to tip your hand while you are doing it. If your partner has a jewelry box you can borrow one of the rings they don’t often wear, then take it to a jeweler to be sized ( and replace it quickly). Parents or friends may already have the info you need, and if not, ask one of them to take your sweetheart to the mall and “spontaneously” stop by a jewelry store for a little window shopping. They could gather lots of insight into the type of ring your partner would love to wear. 

If your partner’s style is classic, a square or pear shaped diamond without a lot of details on the band, that will probably be a big hit. 

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Photographed by Katie Kaizer Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers

If they tend toward romantic or vintage styles, then an elaborate design with filigree should fit quite nicely. 

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Of course, there is nothing like a ring that has been passed down for generations, so if you think one is waiting in the wings let their relatives know what you’re up to. 

Keep in mind most women wear a size 6 and most men wear a 10. Adjust based on your partner’s body size and err on the large side if you still aren’t sure when you make your purchase. Or, buy a ring with a fake diamond and then take your sweetie shopping after they say “yes!”

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Now that you have a ring, the next step in how to propose is to choose a location that has meaning for you. It could be your favorite restaurant or nightclub, a mountain you love to climb, or a beautiful beach or nearby city park. Wherever you decide to go, make it somewhere that feels natural for you two so your secret keeps secret until your proposal.

Photographed by Nino Lombardo Photography - Sicily, Italy photographers
Photographed by Aralani Photography - Portland, Oregon photographers
Photographed by Nino Lombardo Photography - Sicily, Italy photographers
Photographed by M & J Studios - Estonia photographers

Without a doubt be sure to hire a photographer to be in the wings to capture the moment (the photographers we recommend are so good at keeping hidden, you won’t even know there until you need them).

Then, when the big time comes, get down on one knee, look your love straight in the eye and speak from your heart. Tell them how much you love them and when you’re finished, open the ring box and say “Will you marry me?” 

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Looking to make your proposal extra epic?

Get the DJ at your favorite dance club to give you the mic, create a surprise party to celebrate with all your best friends, and hire a limousine with flowers and champagne for your getaway.

Want to pop the question without saying a word?

Hire a graffiti artist, take out a full page ad, have a jigsaw puzzle made that spells it out for you, or get a skywriter to share it in the clouds. 

Once you are all set and ready to begin your wedding planning, consider hiring your photographer first before all other professionals. They often know the best places to get married, and they won’t add extra fees for their services, which planners and venues have been known to do.

Now that you know how to propose, don't miss the rest of our articles on wedding planning, and get ready for a seamless celebration!