Our Favorite Moments of Kids at Weddings

Our Favorite Moments of Kids at Weddings

We’ve all heard the expression "Kids will be kids," right?—meaning that we can’t expect our little ones to act like adults. Thinking they are going to smile when asked, walk down the aisle with flower petals falling, or keep their clothes clean at a garden wedding is a dream too far, even for your dream wedding. But that’s what we love about these 12 candid and creative scene-stealing photos of kids at weddings. They include the cute and adorable, the mischievous, the shy, the bored, the goofy, and so much more.

Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia wedding photographers
Photographed by Naomi van der Kraan - Netherlands wedding photographer
Photographed by William Lambelet - France wedding photographer
Photographed by Ken Pak Photography - Washington, DC wedding photographers

Having kids at weddings gives everybody something to smile about and offers photographers the opportunity to create priceless moments that families cherish — even the “scandalous” ones, like little Bobby looking up the bride’s dress. They are funny and endearing and tug at our heartstrings (while activating our funny bones)! 

Photographed by Matei Horvath Photography - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers
Photographed by Philip Thomas Photography - San Antonio, Texas wedding photographers
Photographed by Gaelle Le Berre Photography - Australia wedding photographers
Photographed by Andy Gaines Photography - York, UK wedding photographers

While some may balk at kids who steal the show or melt down during the flower girl gig, the wonderful range of moments a photographer can capture of kids at weddings are endless and forever memorable. For us, the more candid and less staged the image the better, as they remind us of the spontaneity and fluid range of emotions kids are known for. Because working with children is a bit like herding cats, it is almost impossible to create a fake moment or expression. From gigglefests to moments of girls being coy with boys and funny faces with screwed up mouths and bulging out their eyeballs, these silly moments are ones that even a harried couple will laugh at after the fact. As long as you can keep your sense of humor and stay flexible, we think inviting kids is a wonderful way to add sweetness to your wedding day.

Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK wedding photographers
Photographed by D2 Photography - Italy wedding photographers
Photographed by Andrea Bagnasco Photography - Italy wedding photographers
little-girl-surprised-by-grooms-taking-garter-off-bride-photo-by-fineart-weddings-photography.jpg_Martin Hecht
Photographed by FineArt Weddings - Germany wedding photographers

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