Lovely Long Wedding Veils

Lovely Long Wedding Veils


The wearing of the long wedding veils has a rich history, which includes being used as a way to ward off evil spirits and “give” the bride to a groom who may have never seen her. Over time superstitions and arranged marriages have become much more rare, but the simple beauty of the wedding veil still remains. Whether it covers your face, embellishes your hairstyle, or creates a sweeping line that complements your wedding gown, today’s veils are lovely additions to wedding attire and look absolutely stunning in pictures.

  1. Cathedral Veil: This is the most dramatic and extravagant choice, often extending beyond the train of the wedding gown. It creates a stunning visual impact, especially during a formal church ceremony.

  2. Chapel Veil: Slightly shorter than the cathedral veil, the chapel veil typically extends to the floor. It provides a classic and graceful appearance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

  3. Fingertip Veil: Ending at the bride's fingertips, this veil offers a delicate and flattering frame to the wedding dress. It's a versatile choice for various gown styles and wedding themes.

  4. Mantilla Veil: Originating from Spain, the mantilla veil features a lace-edged design that adds a touch of vintage charm. It beautifully complements lace wedding dresses and can be worn flat on the head or slightly elevated for a regal look.

  5. Juliet Cap Veil: Inspired by the 1920s, the Juliet cap veil combines a close-fitting cap with a veil draping from the back. It exudes vintage glamour and works well with vintage-style gowns.

  6. Drop Veil: A simple and elegant option, the drop veil doesn't have a comb or gathers at the top, creating a seamless and sheer appearance. It's pinned to the bride's hair, allowing it to drape gracefully over her face during the ceremony.

Choosing the right wedding veil depends on the bride's style, gown, and the overall ambiance of the wedding, ensuring that it enhances her beauty and creates a lasting impression on her special day.

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Long Wedding Veils - photo by Mun Keat Studio Malaysia
Photographed by Mun Keat Studio - Malaysia photographers
 Photographed by Maloman Studios - New York photographers
Long wedding veils, photo by Allison Callaway, Callaway Gable, Los Angeles
Photographed by Callaway Gable, Los Angeles wedding photographers
Photographed by Stephanie Cristalli Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Peter van der Lingen Photography - Netherlands photographers
Photographed by Corbin Gurkin - Charleston, South Carolina photographer
Long wedding veils at Diamond Beach, CM Leung Photography, Hong Kong
Photographed by CM Gallery - Hong Kong photographers
Photographed by White Cat Studio - Ireland photographers
worlds-best-wedding-photos-long-veil-john and joseph
Photographed by John and Joseph - Los Angeles, California photographers
Photographed by Nordica Photography - Sweden photographers
Photographed by El Marco Rojo - Spain photographer
Long wedding veils for the beach, photographed by The Fourniers, Michigan wedding photographers
Photographed by The Fourniers, Michigan wedding photographers
Photographed by Apresh Chavda Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Mun Keat Studio - Malaysia photographers
Photographed by Gaelle Le Berre Photography - Australia photographers
Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania photographers
Photographed by Joe Payne Photography - North Carolina photographers


Photographed by Nirav Patel Photography - San Francisco, California photographers
Bride under long wedding veils - photographed by Clewell Photography, Toronto wedding photographers
Photographed by Clewell Photography, Minnesota wedding photographers
Bride under long wedding veil, photographed by John and Joseph, Los Angeles wedding photographers
Photographed by John and Joseph, Los Angeles wedding photographers
Photographed by Eye Jogia Photography - UK photographers
Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York, New York photographers
Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland photographers
Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by Alakija Studios - New York, New York photographer