The Magic of Mirrors in Photography

The Magic of Mirrors in Photography

Artists use mirrors to make magic happen in wedding photography. With work from the best photographers in the world in our Photo Galleries, we’re here to show you how it’s done. Today we are sharing a baker’s dozen of brilliant photos made using mirrors. Bet you’ll be amazed by what can happen with a well-placed looking glass and the right camera at your wedding.

Telling one story in two mirrors, Daniel Colvin from Houston, Texas shows us three generations getting ready for an elegant wedding day.

Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas photographers

Keep looking to find the bride and groom in this incredible reflection from Rich Howman, London, UK photographer, that is timeless and perfectly composed.

Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK photographers

See how mirrors can be set up inside or outside and tilted at any angle to create one-of-a-kind-portraits like this one from Kirth Bobb at the Beloved Agency in Washington D.C.

Photographed by Kirth Bobb - Washington, DC photographer

Or, set up straight-on to make a classic portrait like this other great shot from artist Daniel Colvin.

Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas photographers

Of course, mirrors on the wall always come in handy during getting-ready moments. We love this retro-looking shot from Xiaoqi Li Photography, of Virginia that brings in the background.

Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia photographers

This artistic point of view from Spain’s Victor Lax expands the getting-ready story.

Photographed by Lax Photography - Spain photographers

This photo from Spanish photographer Victor Marti of El Marco Rojo is emotionally compelling.

Photographed by El Marco Rojo - Spain photographers

And this is whole new way of seeing the moment from Pennsylvania photographer Joe Appel.

Photographed by Joe Appel Photography - Pennsylvania photographers

A mirror in hand shows us a glimpse of the bride in this beautiful black and white capture from Italian photographer Edoardo Agresti,

Photographed by Edoardo Agresti Photographers - Italy photographers

and in this moody, romantic shot from Seattle, Washington photographer Jonas Seaman.

Photographed by Jonas Seaman Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers

A mirror on the floor captures a bride as she zips her wedding gown in this lovely photo by Portland, Oregon photographers Aralani Photography.

Photographed by Aralani Photography - Portland, Oregon photographers

The mirror in the hallway lights up the night for this couple, captured by Ireland photographer Roger Kenny of the Portrait Room.

Photographed by The Portrait Room - Ireland photographers

And even this mirror in a bathroom gets used to create a fun bit of magic by photographer Lima Conlon from Ireland.

Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland photographers

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