Dapper Dogs at Weddings

Dapper Dogs at Weddings

If your dog is part of your family, there’s no doubt they’ll make a wonderful addition to your wedding. Whether they’ll be walking down the aisle or watching from the sidelines, you’ll want to get them all dressed up and camera-ready. To choose the right outfit for your dog, consider their personality, level of patience, and what will look great with your wedding party. Some dogs look dapper in a tuxedo and are willing to wear one, while others may only tolerate a floral accessory or simple bow tie. 

Today we’re showing you 20 adorable dogs at weddings that stole the show with their simple fashion statements from all decked out to the understated.  

Here we have 4 pups who went the extra mile to wear tuxedos and one that wore a dress. Now that deserves a doggie treat and a perfect portrait!  When you’re looking to outfit your dog in style, try Baxterboo or Kouser.

Photographed by The Portrait Room - Ireland photographers
Photographed by Nat Wongsaroj Photography - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by M. Hart Photo - Los Angeles, California photographers

Our next 2 dandies wore a pared down version of a suit in their own canine styles, and made themselves the center of attention. If your dog needs something to slip on and off for pictures, this type of outfit may be the easy answer.

Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia photographers
Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC photographers

Here come five furry friends wearing bowties that show us sometimes less is more. We love all the colors and patterns that bow ties come in and how simply they can change a dog’s look and attitude! Our favorite places for doggy bow ties? The Foggy Dog, with dozens of stylish options. 

Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Andrea Bagnasco Photography - Italy photographers
Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Kate Noelle Photography - Orange County, California

And last but definitely not least, we have 8 little guys and girls festooned in flowers. Ask your florist to create a collar or a leash that matches your bouquet and other accessories, and you and your dog will look put together in all of your pictures.

Photographed by Joshua Behan Photography - Rhode Island photographers
Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia photographers
Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas photographers
Photographed by Into Dust Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Joe Payne Photography - North Carolina photographers
Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York photographers
Photographed by Katie Kaizer Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Amy Galbraith Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers

No matter what you choose for your dog’s look, you can see from the 20 photos above that even a little bit of style will go a long way.

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