10 Funniest Photos of Kids at Weddings

10 Funniest Photos of Kids at Weddings

When you add kids to your wedding guest list, you can expect a lot of mischief and some seriously funny moments. From trashing their clothes to eating your dessert before dinner, you’ll want to have a photographer who knows how to capture the decisive moments on hand so you don’t miss a minute. Scroll down to see award-winning photos of the funniest photos of kids at weddings from the world’s best wedding photographers, and get ready to bring some laughter into your day.

If you think kids are going to smile on cue when they have their portraits taken, you’ll have to think again. We love how this award-winning shot by North Carolina photographer Michael Freas perfectly captures the truth of photographing kids at weddings.

Photographed by Michael Freas Photography - Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographers

So much for keeping your clothes clean. When there’s a hill to roll or slide down, you best believe kids will do it. This boy’s clothes may not be worth washing after taking on the slope in this wonderful photo by UK wedding photographer Dan Morris.

Photographed by Dan Morris Photography - UK wedding photographers

While adults think kisses are dreamy, kids often don’t see them that way. We can’t help but smile at this photo by Isabelle Hattink of Fotobelle in the Netherlands that shows the reaction of the littlest guy in the wedding party.

Photographed by Fotobelle - Netherlands wedding photographers

Think the boy in the picture above is non-conforming? Check out this flower girl making her big entrance with a look like she is going to hurl. We think this hilarious photo by destination wedding photographer Mauricios Arias of Chrisman Studios is priceless.

Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographers

Little girls are known to get very excited when getting ready, and they often love to see themselves in pretty dresses with flowers in their hair. In this super sweet photo by New York wedding photographer Jeff Tisman, the flower girl finds her face in the mirror and totally falls in love with her look. 

Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography - New Paltz, New York wedding photographers

You've got to say “hats off” to this kid who decided to add some layers to her wedding outfit. The composition in this funny photo by UK wedding photographer, Hollie Maateer, of M and G Studios beautifully captures the little girl’s one-of-a-kind style.

Photographed by M and G Wedding Photography - UK wedding photographers

When kids get overwhelmed (or curious) they can slip off the radar to unexpected places. In this LOL photo by Australian wedding photographer Gaelle LeBerre, the little boy gets out of the public eye and gives himself an eye full by diving under his mother’s skirt.

Photographed by Gaelle Le Berre Photography - Australia wedding photographers

It’s all fun and games when it comes to children, so you want to be sure there is an adult nearby. UK wedding photographer Andrew Billington makes it clear that anything with a ball, including your billiard table, is up for grabs when it comes to finding things to play with. 

Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK wedding photographers

Need another reason to not leave kids unattended? The older brother in this photo attempts to imprison his sister in a lantern and is beautifully captured by Irish wedding photographer Gareth Lima Conlon of Lima Conlon Photography.

Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland wedding photographers

Whatever you do, don’t expect dessert to stay untouched until after dinner! Cakes, pies, and goodies are all fair game when it comes to children as Colorado wedding photographer Jesse La Plante of J. La Plante Photo expertly reminds us.

Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado wedding photographers

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