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Ready to improve your sales, elevate your art, and build a business based on your lifestyle? You're just  one-step away from everything you need to get finished with your marketing projects and back to your photography.

The Art of Sales without Selling

Mentoring That Makes a Difference

Could you use an expert in your corner? Someone to help you make big shifts and do the work you're unable to get to? My monthly mentoring package includes 27 hours of consulting and hands on help tailored to your business, including content writing, curating, editing, marketing, sales, and business planning. If you’re like my other clients, you’ll be amazed by the results!

Photo Curation For Websites, Awards and Publications

Your photographs and visual assets (fonts, logos etc…) can make or break your marketing, and even the most experienced artists have trouble critiquing their own work. As the owner of World’s Best Wedding Photos, co-founder and former owner of Junebug Weddings, and a judge for some of the world’s largest photography contests, I’ve curated photos for thousands of photographers and wedding professionals. My editing creates emotional connections that open doors and help you sell your work in seconds.

Content Writing That Sells Itself

Love to shoot and hate to write? Let me build trust, loyalty, and sales for your business by writing your bio, website content, email pitch, or next presentation. By focusing on your distinctive voice I’ll give you effective, professional copy that is always on brand and original.



Meet Blair

Blair deLaubenfels - Photography Education

Blair deLaubenfels - Art, Life and Business

With over 20 years of experience in the photography and wedding industries as a publisher, curator, public speaker, and professional photographer, my work focuses on individual artists, small businesses, and ambitious start-ups. By identifying unique strengths and challenges, along with the artistic vision of my clients, I help transform established companies and turn new ideas into profitable businesses and well-respected brands.

I've written thousands of artist statements and website pages, curated hundreds of thousands of photographs for awards and publication, and helped build winning marketing strategies for scores of top photographers, wedding professionals, and artistic entrepreneurs. I would love to help you hone your distinctive voice and create a clear path to success that benefits your life and your business.

If you’re ready to polish your online presence and increase your bottom line, then check out my services and let’s get started!

Raves From Clients:

"Blair is on a whole other level when it comes to copywriting. I am super picky and have tried several copywriters before her and hated everything. I did not have to change a single word on my website with Blair’s skills. It is as if she knew everything about me and she managed to capture my essence with her words. She is such a pleasure to work with… very easygoing and you can tell she loves what she does. I highly recommend her!"

- Stephanie Cristalli

" OMG! I love my website so so much, I wanna cry!

- Citlalli Rico

"Blair, you are brilliant! I am so impressed with your editing skills! These changes are so helpful - thank you so much for taking this on! We are so lucky to have you."

- Erin Chrisman - Chrisman Studios

"Working with Blair was lovely; our collaboration was great and her communication is brilliant. Knowledgeable and an expert in her area, so I am happy to say she comes highly recommended."

Louise May

"I just wanted to thank you again for rocking out my website. Every potential client I have been getting this year is already in love with me and wants to hire me. Plus I have been getting four new client emails a day, which is sort of sending my head spinning."

Satya Curcio

"My mentoring program is totally sold-out. Thank you again! I totally appreciate all the help."

Kristi Odom

"Blair deLaubenfels!! Guess who just called me? TedX! They said they love the pitch you did and the concept and it’s a go!"

Nick North

"Because of your work creating SEO for my website I now have a ton of inquiries from Google. THANK YOU for that!"

La Vie Photography

"We are very impressed by the inquiries we are getting after your curating of portfolio and re-write of our About page. Clients are commenting on our use of light and our style, and we’re getting more qualified leads."

Steve and Jane Pilkerton

"This is some of the most helpful advice/critique I’ve ever received! Everything looks great on the copy. You did so well finding my voice."

Christa Taylor Photography

Podcasts, Articles and Upcoming Workshops:

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London - Nov 14-16, 2022

Revival Photographers Retreat
Bali - March 27-31st, 2023

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